Investigate online advertising to play? I don’t want to see, I’m going to shut down.

Charging the veteraine, the name of the public, the number of people will change advertisements, training advertisements sell anxiety & hellip; & hellip; long-term, barbarous growth Internet advertising swimming in gray zone, people are not bored, but also helping no handless.

In order to crack this problem, the Market Supervision Administration announced the "Internet Advertising Management Measures (Public Dramation)", requiring Internet advertising to have identifiability, ensuring one-button shutdown, etc., further refine the rule standard, and clear the supervision red line. Close the difficulty to buy members, I have to endure 90 seconds, open the video website, Chang Wei found a TV series being broadcast, after choosing to play, a series of advertisements will start.

She tried to skip, but found that there was no direct closure sign, only 90 second countdown and a 上海工作室高端水磨 member closed the reminder of this advertisement only on the top right of the picture. Say, or want to use this way to force users to open members, this has become the default operation of most video sites. Chang Wei is in the found that even the lowest price of new users exclusive continuous monthly monthly month, the first month also needs 12 yuan, and the month-on-month will be 19 yuan. If you want to play in the TV, it is more expensive, and the year is 398 yuan. Chang Wei is calculated, it is busy, and there is no time to chase the vetera. Open the member is a little waste. But if you don’t open, you will have a 90-second ad, there is no way to close.

What makes her depressed is that once it is not careful to point to the advertisement being played, it will jump to the shopping page of the e-commerce platform or the download page of the application software, which 上海工作室新茶 seriously affects the experience.

In fact, there are many cases where Internet advertising is difficult to close.

The "App Advertising Consumer Protection Evaluation Report (2020)" released by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee shows that 58% of the 600 App in its analysis contains advertising, where% of the advertisements do not close. Although it is close to the closing key, it cannot be closed. When browsing the website, Xu Ming also has encountered a pop-up advertisement below the page. After governance, most pop-up advertisements give a closing mark, but you have to choose a specific thing because I am not interested. , Unbelievable content, occlusion interference or block such ads, equivalent to a process, click twice to truly close.

In this regard, "Internet Advertising Management Measures (Public Squi Draft)" Article 9 clearly defines the Internet advertisements released in the form of playing, video inventive, pop-up, etc., should be significantly indicated, ensuring that one button is closed, there must be the following Situation: There is no closure flag or the end of the desperation can be turned off; close the logo false, unclear identification or positioning; achieve a single ad to close, you must click on the same page; continue to pop up the advertisement after browsing the same page; One-button behavior is closed.

Do not deceive, misleading, to attract users to click on advertising.

Identifying a commercial advertisement hiding in the assessment article, except for the explicit advertisement, now on the Internet platform, there is a large number of vest hidden advertisements. It was thought that it was a consumption assessment made by the third-party institution. As a result, it will be advertised back to it. If the advertisement is directly outside, I will definitely not come in. In order to more than three online shopping, Cheng Yao pays attention to a WeChat public number known as independent evaluation, open a winner after 1000 reviews, what kind of role is it? "The article, she suddenly realized that there was no imagination in the evaluation process, only naked peach oolong tea advertisement, the party also attached shopping links, and automatically jumped to the microckdake applet after clicking the picture.

Look at the number of public push past articles, Cheng Yao also see a lot of similar operations. "The young man about 30 years old so bitter! Planning ahead is even recommended that the pension? "In fact, insurance advertising, pay the standard annual premiums ranging from thirty thousand to more than million sales consultants are also given two-dimensional codes and ciphers.

"Lose weight must not eat carbohydrates? That you did not choose to "not really want to introduce any weight loss knowledge, just to push a light food business to do, also with two-dimensional code behind the store. On some target audience targeting parents of public micro-channel number, disguised advertising are endless.

See the title "Congratulations! Today, the National Parents should thoroughly boiling! This wave of surprise come as a surprise "and" set up! Just formal notice! Beijing parents, teachers Congratulations! "Wang Yue not think, two seemingly big news articles published, in fact, just to sell training research of family education instructor.

Strongly advocated the value of the certificate at the same time, the article also attached to the two-dimensional code entry way channel. And another article titled "see the big-five, ten years old old look, keep the waste has long been a harbinger boy," the article, leaving her feel incredible, look at the title, I think there might be aspects of parenting experience sharing on the boy’s point into Baoma sideband is found inspirational story baby vibrato to make money on the side and easy monthly sales exceeded a million of the legend, but these are just bedding, final focus is to sell so-called "0 basis vibrato operation becomes reality training camp ", also gives two-dimensional code allows purchase courses. For such phenomena, "Internet advertising management approach (Draft for Public Comment)" Article VIII requirements, Internet advertising should be distinguishable, so that consumers can identify it as advertising. Internet media, sell goods in other forms PPC, news reports, experience sharing, and other forms of consumer evaluation, or link to additional shopping, services, advertising should be prominently marked. Parenting is difficult to stop evolved into a number of public sale by public class platform No. article in disguise to sell courses are not only for adults, as well as to the children, parents and made a variety of training propaganda full of anxiety. As Baoma, Feng Yan a lot of attention to public childcare number, you can look at some of the articles that have been shared experience, learning about how to educate their children, did not expect to have become one selling class platform.

See the article titled "The 5-year-old will be able to read the original book in English baby calf, even in the first day English exam, planted & hellip; & hellip;", Feng Yan could not help but curiosity, opened it, they would understand English grammar lessons advertising, there is a full set of courses 20 weeks, section 60 contains content that covers important stages of learning English grammar and primary school, which is not subject classes online training Well! Feng Yan found that the same micro letter public on this number, as well as the introduction of articles hours longer courses. "The first door to the child’s system history lesson" for up to 48 weeks, a total of 240 hours, the equivalent of the amount of the year.

While promoting discipline courses, as well as public childcare No. hyped non-disciplinary training class.

In an article "will go under the child smarter, high quality accompany the baby a good helper! I have in mind the best board games! "A text, go for training courses to become a star of children’s projects. According to reports, the course is divided into introductory courses and advanced courses, more than 4-year-olds can begin to learn. End of the article, but also with lessons purchase two-dimensional code. Reporters learned that the "Internet advertising management approach (Draft for Public Comment)" Article X, and shall not use the Internet to publish for primary and secondary schools, kindergarten-school training advertisement.

In November this year, market supervision bureau and other departments have jointly issued the "Notice on control of the off-campus training ad" clearly requires discipline class does not distinguish between non-subject class, make sure to do the mainstream media and new media, and the public network platform the place, and other residential space is not published online and offline, for no Primary broadcast (including kindergartens) ad the other training. At the same time stressed the need to strictly investigate and punish the use of section (column) mesh, soft paper published off-campus training, etc. to disguise the behavior of ads for exaggerating the effectiveness of training, education mislead public opinion, making a false advertising illegal off-campus training anxiety punished severely according to law.

Despite the recommendation to update management practices in the past have ads relevant laws and regulations, but in the Internet environment, or there will be some ill-defined gray area. Once companies have abused a profit, there will be more companies follow suit, creating a vicious cycle. In the Beijing Institute of Business Economics Lai Yang, executive vice president of view, regulation of Internet advertising is imperative chaos, many people only see the rapid development of the Internet speed, but if you just stop at nothing to drain the interests of consumers everywhere, not to focus on improving the user experience or upgrade product features, the latter is to take not a long-term, is not conducive to the healthy development of the whole industry. Lai Yang believes that "Internet advertising management approach (Draft for Public Comment)" by way of detailed provisions and other provisions increased, help to strengthen regulation and supervision, to ensure more legal basis for the implementation, based on evidence. Internet technology has been an iterative upgrade, a lot of new things and forms of advertising are also emerging, which requires supporting management practices have to keep up with changes, to update the adjustment. Lai Yang spoke alone promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of Internet advertising" is not enough, the next step needs to multi-force, shared governance, to guide Internet advertising to formal. (Original title: Investigation | wanted to play on online advertising bombs do not want to see, how you want to close it so hard?) Source: Beijing Daily Reporter Zong client Creek Song Yuanyuan process editor: u028 Copyright: Beijing News Group text belongs to all, Without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.