Yunnan Chengjiang promotes rice green production to promote ecological and economic benefits

Yunnan Chengjiang promotes rice green production to promote ecological and economic benefits

In recent years, in Yunnan Province, Chengjiang City has promoted the construction of the land circulation of Fu Xianhu Runflow Zone, increase the adjustment of agricultural industries, vigorously develop low water, low-energy, low pollution ecological agriculture, and further promote Fu Xianhu " The lake revolution "decision deployment landed. At present, Fu Xianhu Runflow Zone 4000 mu of rice enters the harvest period, realizing ecological benefits and economic benefits. The rice planting base in the Wanhai Community of Long Street Street, the wind, the wind, the river, the rice pear fragrance, the harvester is busy harvesting rice in the field. Base leader Xiong Jianchen planted more than 1,000 mu of rice in Chengjiang this year, through scientific management and green prevention, this year’s rice valley grains, rice is good, get consumer recognition, for him is a harvest year .

"We plant rice is strictly in accordance with the principle of ecological protection of Chengjiang. In the entire planting process, we will construct artificial weeding in accordance with the requirements of green food throughout the planting process. In management process, artificial weeding is used, and no herbicides are used. This is our green ecological planting. The consumer is most recognized. "Xiong Jianchen said that ‘green ecology’ is to pass the relevant national departments, first of all the soil and water testing, to test the products that have just been harvested, rice processing will also be tested later. After reaching the relevant standards of the country, the national green food identification department will issue a certificate. It is understood that in order to effectively reduce the pollution of agriculture, accelerate the pace of industrial structure adjustment. In 2018, Chengjiang implemented Fu Xianhu Runflow Zone, and the vegetable planting of the use of fertilizer pesticides and developed green agriculture.

In 2021, we will promote the structural reform of the supply side of Chengjiang City. Mu, integrated promoting rice green high quality efficiency technology.

Guo Bin, director of Chengjiang City Planting Integrated Service Management Center, said: "We use mechanical breeding, unified concentrated breeding, unified green prevention. In green prevention and control, in addition to using drone green prevention and control twice, it also uses traps Waiting for a series of green prevention and control technology measures to make Chengjiang rice grow toward green plantation. "According to the introduction, through rice green high-quality high-efficiency technology integration promotion, rice unit area production is improved, not only stabilizes food production, but also reduces agriculture Source pollution, promoting the transformation and upgrading of agricultural industrial structure, and helps Fu Xianhu "Lake Revolution" effectively advances.

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