The field of field and winter is busy with "new hope"

The field of field and winter is busy with "new hope"

The villagers in Qikou Village in Gairong Township in the turning farm land. Correspondent Wang Shida’s key period of the positive value of winter, the villagers are busy holding the whole place, digging, transplanting, and the fields of the field.

"This year, in addition to planting rapeseed and potatoes, I also rarely gave us a free broad bean seed for us.

I hope there is a good harvest in the coming year. Wu Xiankun, the villagers of Sakura Village, said, Wu Xiankun’s family species is a low economic benefit, rice, rice and other traditional crops, the income is not high. This year, the township will strive to "order agriculture", Wu Xiankun and other Like the villagers, rehalter crops with higher economic value.

Since this year, Gahuan Township is based on farmers’ income and agricultural growth. According to the structural adjustment, according to the results of the early township and agricultural companies, the agricultural enterprises deep into the villages in the villages, "High-slope Township is now in this winter Industrial Development Work Program, clarifies the planting targets, planting varieties, and regional area, and promotes early arrangements for winter production through the overall development of the township and village responsible departments, early deployment, and early implementation. "In order to ensure this winter, the spring grain is started in October. Various villages will make full use of WeChat groups, villagership groups, etc. to make the masses to prepare for seed reserves, land flops, etc. At the same time, township actively on Huaxi District Agricultural Rural Area Expand the work of seed transfer, filing, law enforcement inspection.

Liu Haikawa, deputy secretary of the party committee of the high slope town, said to strengthen the use of winter and smart forests in various villages, high slope towns combine the actual situation in various villages, and determine the development of crops industry such rape, broad bean, potato, etc., to ensure food production, agricultural increase , Farmers have income. "With the strong support of the superior sector, more than 800 farmers in Qikou Village, Jiaxing Village, Chicang and Gaozhai Village received free broad bean seeds.

Using the winter accessibility to develop broad bean plants, it can protect farmers’ income and guarantee food security in 2021.

At present, there is more than 3,600 acres in winter, including more than 400 mu, more than 2,200 mu of rape beans, and more than 1,000 mu of potatoes.

Liu Haichuan said.

The scene of the field of the field in the field of high slope township is only a micro-shadow of Huaxi District.

In order to implement the province to promote the new urbanization and "Strong Provincial Association" action this year, Huaxi District has adhered to the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure as the top priority of agricultural rural work, close attention to ecological, economic, social, and tourism value. The goal is steadily promoted the agricultural industry revolution.

In the whole, "Sanqiu Battle" (autumn harvest, autumn plowing, autumn), Huaxi District Agricultural Rural Bureau is arranged according to Guiyang rapeseed cultivation task, according to the overall thinking of "steady summer grain, expansion], measures, take me, actively Rape, broad beans and other high-quality high-efficiency autumn and winter crop cultivation, and clearly enabled planting tasks to the village.

Promote the construction of rural resolution, focusing on developing rural agricultural industries. Huaxi District Agricultural Rural Area has adopted "inner training", continuously broadening agricultural industries, deeply digging rural industrial reforms, with agricultural production factors, based on actual production, scientific planning industrial layout, explore platform company as the main body, government guidance, Market operation, new model of the company, activate agricultural production potential, cultivate new movement in rural development. In addition, in order to provide strong technology and talent support, the Huaxi District Agricultural Rural Area has established a technical guidance in the autumn and winter planting technology, and the township (town) of the rapeseed task is promoted to the technical guidance. While actively docking The technical unit represented by the Oil Materials Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, understands the main points of the latest grain and oil planting, and hires related technical training, and hires experience, professional and fine agricultural experts. Point-to-point "service and guidance.

At the beginning of the new historical development, as the leading department of "three rural" work, Huaxi District Agricultural Rural Area will adhere to the modernization of "three rural" working agriculture, vigorously promote agricultural development, and vigorously promote high quality development of agriculture. Basic disks, effectively consolidate the effective foundation for rural vitality. Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Zhan Yan (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.