What should I do in preventing new crown viruses in addition to hard work?

What should I do in preventing new crown viruses in addition to hard work?

  Develop a healthy lifestyle, personal protection is the simplest and most effective new crown virus preventive method.

When you have a good health guardian, strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention provisions, it is to prevent the epidemic prevention and control.

In order to better help the general public, before, the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters office, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, jointly launched the "Guidelines for Personal Protection Measures in Autumn and Winter Seasons in Xi’an". For your health and the health of your family, the experts will prevent the general public "scientific comprehensive protection" and remember to do 8 things. Heavy weight, or do personal prevention. Experts said that the hard work is important, and always keep your hand health. In the following circumstances, you must wash your hands: before the cleaning operation (before processing the food drink; nursing the elderly and infants; before the diet); after the pollution operation (after going to the toilet, there is obvious pollutant, cough, sneezing After touching the coins, after touching the dirt); after touching the public facilities (after touch the door handle); after touch the elevator button); do a good job of disinfection (not convenient to wash your hands, first wipe the stains with a wipes, then use alcohol The free hand disinfectant is both hands 20-30 seconds; do not touch the eyes and other parts of the eye; use the flow water, and use soap or washing liquid, clean your hands according to the six-step wash step. Scientific wearing masks can effectively reduce the risk of infection.

Experts reminded that the public will carry a one-time medical mask when they go out; in the indoor public places in the personnel, the difference in air circulation is poor, and the close-up contacts should regulate the mask; if there is a symptom, such as fever, cough, etc. New crown pneumonia is discharged to live together, be sure to wear a mask. Here should be taken here to avoid several errors, such as children choose to have a population, nasal mask, no mask, and in the mask, in the mask, the mask is contrary.

  Pay attention to cough etiquette. Especially when coughing, when sneezing, try to cover the mouth nose with a paper towel, handkerchief, etc. without a paper towel, handkerchief, can be shaken with elbows or clothes. Stay away from wild animals.

Here mainly refers to non-contact, hunting, processing, slaughter, and edible wildlife; non-inhaused wildlife habitat.

  Do clean and disinfect and ventilate. "Guide" clear, autumn and winter season weather is cold, still need to open the window ventilation, keep indoor air circulation; air conditioning is not used, the cleaning and disinfection will be cleaned before use, periodically clean the air conditioning filter network; use central air conditioning, to increase new The air volume is closed; the surface of the table, a countertop, the ground and other objects and the door handle, the toilet are regularly clean and disinfected; keep the toilet hygiene. It should be noted here that the chlorine-containing toxic agent is in accordance with the example of the instructions, and cannot be mixed with "clean toilet". When configuring, personal facial and skin protection, such as wearing masks, gloves, etc. Combine the epidemic prevention and control.

"Guidelines" requires, to actively cooperate with all kinds of venue epidemic prevention and control related requirements, such as body temperature testing, personnel registration, wearing mask, etc. And behavior; overseas and domestic high-risk areas to return to our municipality in time to report, cooperate with health management. Timely medical treatment in time.

Experts remind, once the public has symptoms such as fever, cough, etc. If you must take a public transport, wear a mask, and try to reduce the public goods; if there is a history of travel in the hospital, the history of abnormal symptoms should inform the doctor in time; if it is found that there is a symptom of fever, cough, etc. To keep a certain distance and remind it in a timely visit.

  Use a good disinfectant and virus. Expert suggestions, daily environment and items should be mainly cleaned, preventive disinfection is supplemented, and avoid excessive disinfection, usually used disinfectant with medical alcohol and chlorine-containing drugs, applicable occasions.

It should be noted here that medical alcohol is best based on 75% concentration, do not spray a lot of alcohol in the body, prevent alcohol allergy; alcohol does not apply to large-scale spraying in the corridor, meeting room, office; do not put alcohol Used for disinfection of clothing, it is easy to cause combustion; alcohol injection should be used in a ventilated environment, should clean the surrounding flammability before use, pay attention to open fire to prevent fire. The chlorine-containing disinfectant refers to a disinfectant dissolved in water, such as 84 disinfectant, bleach, chlorine-containing powder or chloro-containing sheet, and the like, need to be used in accordance with the product specification.