Suqian Su Yu: Study Party Shi Promoting Development Lights Rural Revitalization Industry "Engine"

Suqian Su Yu: Study Party Shi Promoting Development Lights Rural Revitalization Industry "Engine"

In the early winter, the chill was gradually gradually.

In the Long Town Rice Shrimp Ecological Substation, in the past few days, multiple large joint harvesters returned to the rice in the golden rice fields to become a beautiful landscape. "This year, it should be a harvest year! At present, the initial measurement of rice can reach 1000 pounds of acres, in the rice shrimp field, this production is also very good, through the rice shrimp field, the shrimp is relatively large This year, the rice quality is better. This year, our rice shrimp yap is about 5,000 to 6,000 yuan, we are very satisfied, and the efficient agriculture lets us embark on the road of green development. "Lilong Town Rice shrimp ecological breeding base is responsible The man said the army. One water is used, and the fishing, the Wu Zhijun began to brew the new development ideas, and the farmland will go out of the farmland. Dining table.

Also in the farmland, we ushered in the harvest season everywhere in the hope of the hopes. Into the melon planting base in Daxing Town, Suyu District, and the melon of the melon is so sweet, the rice branches are vines, or golden or green, look at it, hanging like lanterns, while 10,000 acres of melon It is in the final.

"This is the fourth year of me planting melon. It has been 400 mu. This year’s per mu is about 350 pounds, and the quality of melon seed is better, and the average price per catty is 30 yuan.

Wang Zhanyu, who was in charge of Fuqing metron planting professional cooperatives. In recent years, Daxing Town, Suyu District, has introduced melon planting. After several years of development, the industry continues to grow. As of now, the town plant plants planting melon There are 10,000 mu, large-scale cultivation, which is expected to reach 100 million yuan. In order to support the development of the melon industry, Daxing Town also registered to establish Suqian City Xingyi 瓜 子 有 公司公 公司, mainly producing cream, pretzel and other tastes Seeds and melon Pu public English tea, melon rose tea and other products.

Consolidation expansion of the poverty achievements, continuously promoting the revitalization of rural villages, and the Suyu District promotes modern agriculture construction with systematic thinking, writing the harvest in the land.

Just like Yin Shuiguo, Secretary of the Suyu District Committee, "Realizing the revitalization of the country, the agricultural harvest must promote the comprehensive upgrade of the agriculture, the rural comprehensive progress, the peasant is fully developed, the Suyu District is integrated in the ‘piece area, online linkage, point breakth Work ideas, speeding up rural residence, agricultural modernization will be an important growth in the development of Suyu.

"Suyu District puts the results of party history education into factors, focusing on the income of the masses, with greater strength to accelerate the revitalization of rural villages, build higher quality" happiness. "

Focus on "one core three ring one gallery", focus on "high-quality interstitial rice, white feather meat poultry" "leisure farm travel, beautiful pastoral" "urban fruit and vegetable, and recharged ingredients" three major rich people’s industrial clusters, forming 300,000 acres of high-quality intensive rice District, 100,000 mu of farm-integrated demonstration zone, 100,000 mu of urban fruit and vegetable industry zone and industrial layout of 100,000 acres of intensive ingredients industry, fully drive the employment of the masses, and the village collective income. At present, the Limin Community of Suyu District has formed more than 6,000 acres of decimal planting base, driving more than 800 households in the community to participate in the planting planting, and the acres is more than 10,000 yuan; Caoji Township Caojiaji community guides 660 farmers More than 3,000 acres of gold and silver flowers, the acres of 5,000 yuan; Xinzhuang Town Construction 5,000 acres of strawberry specialty industrial park, built more than 1,700 strawberry greenhouses, driving more than 700 people, increasing 10,000 yuan … At the same time, Shen Yu In the district adheres to the "three-life" space optimization layout of the countryside, accelerate the construction of "three-piece four-band", adhere to the development of agriculture in industrial thinking, accelerate the three major leading industries of agriculture, and the agricultural leading enterprises are striving to cultivate and promote the development of agricultural leading enterprises. Zhengda Central Kitchen, Yudong Smart Ranch and other project construction, extended, broaden, pull high agricultural industrial chain, and build a modern agricultural industry system.

Next, the Suyu District will speed up the integration of Yuanjia Village, Grape Town and other farm brackets, and the construction of literary integration projects, and vigorously plan to implement rural leisure tourism boutique projects, and strive to build the construction of the Beijing Dragon National Rural Demonstration Base. The agriculture is related to the people’s livelihood, and the status is lifted.

The agriculture is stable, and the world is stable; the agriculture is full of agriculture.

Promoting the "four chemical" synchronization, high quality construction, the high-quality construction, Open Su Yu, Exquisite Su Yu, Happy Su Yu "four Suyu" process, Su Yu District vigorously adjusts the agricultural industrial structure, and continuously strengthening technology Agriculture, actively carry out industrialized management, relying on agricultural experts and paying attention to training professional talents, multi-party ways to exchange cooperation with foreign exchanges The village prosperous flanking picture is slowly launched. (Qian Process Peng Yu Xiajing) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.