The ideological and political work of political and legal organs should often do new

The ideological and political work of political and legal organs should often do new

The figure is September 24, 2021, the fourth party branch of the Justice Bureau of Chaoyang District, Beijing held a branch meeting, and the party members exchanged study and implement the "Opinions on Strengthening the New Times and Improved Ideological and Political Work". The Central Political and Legal Committee Publicity and Education Bureau for Graph Wang Jianjun / the right to political work is a comprehensive official from stricting the party. Ideological and political work is the pilot and basic work of the party’s construction, which is an important starting from stricting party. In recent years, we have insisted that political construction is a leader, pay attention to the unity of the ideological party and the system, and effectively implement the ideological and political work to the comprehensiveness of the party police, effectively play the role of ideological and political work. Especially in the education of political and legal teams, highlighting ideological and political leadership, adhere to political education, party history education, warning education, and English integration, reaching the spirit of cultivation, building political loyalty. At the same time, we must see that the ideological and political work of the political and legal front has some places that are not suitable for new conditions, some units are unwilling, will not do, don’t get used to do, not finely do ideological and political work. , Business work and ideological and political work "two skin" phenomena and "one hand hard, one soft" problem is not fundamentally solved.

We must guide and promote political and legal organs to deepen their ideological understanding, improve political stations, enter and innovate ideas, institutional mechanisms, policy strategies, methods, and constantly improve ideological and political work, and strictly control the party The lead is in-depth. 2. Strengthening and improving the ideological and political work of political and legal organs must seize fundamental strengthening and improving ideological and political work is an eternal theme of political and legal work.

We must adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, comprehensively implement the party’s central government on strengthening and improving ideological and political work, regarding ideological and political work as an important way to promote the party to governing the country, with ideological and political education Main ways, focusing on the root base, promoting advantage, supplementing short board, strong weakness, improving the scientific standardization of ideological and political work, leading to the work of the legal law in terms of ideological and political work, to build a higher level of Ping An China, the rule of law China Strengthen strength and provide strong guarantee. Adhere to the "two maintenance" as politicism. "Two Maintenance" is an important experience in my country’s revolution, construction, reform, is the common will of the whole party in the revolutionary forging of the new era. The party established the core of Xi Jinping’s Central Committee, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, reflecting the people of all ethnic groups in the whole country, and the development of the new era of the party and national business, It has decisive significance to the process of promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation.

It is necessary to make "two maintenance" as the fundamental standard of ideological and political work, fully reflected in the enhancement of "four awareness", and implement the whole process of political and legal authorities

It is necessary to enhance political awareness, adhere to the party’s absolute leadership, and do the resolute response promoted by the Party Central Committee, the party’s central government decided, and the party’s central government is prohibited. To enhance the awareness of the overall situation, consciously serve the overall situation, put the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary General Secretary and Party Central Decision Deployment as the primary political task to ensure that the parts are implemented.

To enhance the core awareness, consciously support the core, maintain the core, facing the mainfo, in the face of risk challenge, and resolutely defend the party central authority and centralized leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

It is necessary to enhance the sense of reading, watching the General Secretary Xi Jinping, look to the Party Central Committee, to the party’s theory and route policy, and truly seeks yourself from the perspective of knowing the best. Adhere to the scientific theory to armed as fundamental tasks. Xi Jinping’s new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking is the contemporary China Marxism, the 21st century Marxism, is the essence of the era of Chinese culture and the Chinese spirit, and realizes the new leap in China’s new China. Do your ideological and political work, you must implement this great idea as long-term fundamental tasks.

Adhere to the deepening, pay attention to the leadership school, branch research, personal self-study, organ assessment, study the principles of the original, learn the original, realization, system grasp this great idea, theoretical system and the essence of thought, do it Learn to learn, enter the mind. Adhere to true trustworthiness, focus on solving the problem of ideological root, deeply understanding the firm belief in this great thoughts, distinctive people’s position, strong history, seeking realistic style, brave in innovative spirit and scientific methodology, further strengthening political recognition, thinking I agree, theoretical identity, emotional identity. Adhere to true use of transformation, carry forward theory and contact the actual Marxist learning style, closely combined with new era of political and legal work, transforming learning results into scientific ideas, management initiatives and powerful driving force, promoting political and legal theory, innovation, practice Innovation, the institutional innovation is effective. Adhere to the spiritual pillar of firm ideals.

The political and legal team is a team of "blasts" and "fire" in the peace year, which determines that there must be higher standards and strict requirements on the issue of ideal beliefs. To make the ideal belief education as a soul of the police, the strategic engineering of Golden Pilot, the political and law of the political and legal police is firmly confident in Marxism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics, solves the world’s great revival, and solves the world view. Life view, value this "total switch" problem.

Strengthening the ideal belief in the party spirit, putting the political life of the serious party as the main platform of party sexual exercise, organizing the life meeting, organizing life meeting, telling the country, enhancing the political, era, principle of political life within the party , Combatability, truly educational transformation and improve party members and cadres. In the service overall situation, the ideal belief is guided by the political and legal police to integrate personal struggle into the trend of the era of the Chinese nation, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, to comprehensively build socialist modern national bricks Watt, add light. Strengthening the ideal belief in prevention and control, insisting on enhancement awareness and maintaining strategic and unity, strategic judgment and tactical decision unification, struggle process and struggle effectively and effectively, effectively prevent and control all kinds of major risks, for party and national Career development escorts.

Stick to practice the initial mission is bright.

Born for the people, because of the people, always struggle with the people, the interests of the people, is the fundamental starting point and foothold of our party to the party. Political and legal organs should adhere to the people-centered, resolutely implement the party’s mass line, and do everything for the people, all rely on the people, and promote the work of political and legal work in the sharing of publicization, enhance the people to gain, happiness, sense of security. There must be a height of the people, think about problems, make decisions, do things if they want to stand in the people’s position, is it in line with the people’s good life, never let go of public opinion, never I thought that the leaders were satisfied but let the people disappointed the stupid things. There is a root of the people who are rooted in the people, walking in the middle of the people, walking more than people opinions, more problems and difficulties, and always have a blessing with the people, there is a difficulty.

It is necessary to work for the work of the people, from the people’s "hurry", and "the most troublesome" problem of "the most hateful grievance", strictly impact the judiciary of law enforcement, optimize the public service of political and legal services, and focus on solving the most concerned of the people. Problems such as public safety, fairness and justice, rights and interests.

It is necessary to have the measured scale of the people, adhere to the people to support the people, and agree that it is not approved, happy is not happy, promise that the fundamental standard for testing all the work will be carried out, and the people will be able to carry out the work of the masses. Horizontal windscape.