When the long triangle is higher quality integrated development lead (authoritative interview)

When the long triangle is higher quality integrated development lead (authoritative interview)

  On November 5, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping announced on the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo, supporting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and rising as a national strategy. At the Shanghai, November 6th to 7th, General Secretary Xi Jinping requested Shanghai to further play a lead driving role in promoting the higher quality integration development of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and made the articles of the Yangtze River Triangulation to become my country. Develop strong active growth poles. In the past three years, there have been innovative initiatives in the implementation of the Changtong Triangulation Development Strategy, what is the landmark results? The reporter interviewed the deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the mayor Gong Zheng. Reporter: Promote the higher quality and integration of the long triangle, Shanghai has achieved what results in further playing the leading role of the faucet? Gong Zheng: The development of the Yangtze River Triangle is a major national strategy that Xi Jinping’s general secretary is personally planned, personally deployed and personally promoted. On August 20, last year, General Secretary held a solid development symposium in Hefei, Anhui, which clarified the main attack direction, strategic path and task initiatives of the new era of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and set the pulse to our work. Pilot. Shanghai in-depth implementation of the integration of General Secretary General Secretary and the important instructions of the important instructions, tightly the integrated and high quality two key words, actively play the lead driving effect, highlighting "a strengthening, four focus": a strengthening, is strengthening Functional radiation.

Shanghai cannot be limited to meeting the development of a city development, but to serve more cities, and larger regions. We have achieved new progress in the global resource optimization configuration, key core technology research breakthrough, and the modernization of industrial chain, the modernization of the industrial chain is improved, and the system open is improved.

  Four focus, one is to focus on key areas.

Focusing on infrastructure, scientific and technological innovation, industrial development, ecological environment, public services, market systems, etc., coordinated policy measures, cohesive promotion. Second, the focus key area is the first to break through.

Take the Shanghai Free Trade Test Zone, China, Long Triangle Ecological Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone, Hongqiao International Open Hub is the first chess and breakthrough, and strive to undertake more national reform pilot tasks and enlarge the reform and innovation effect. The third is to focus on major projects to strengthen implementation. In order to promote the integration of the project, the three-year action plan (2021-2023) "is developed (2021-2023)", and the national project list and responsibility system are clarified by formulating the implementation of cross-administrative districts.

The fourth is to focus on major platforms to deepen cooperation. Give full play to the platform role of the Yangtze River Delta regional cooperation, enhance urban cooperation platform functions such as G60 Kechuang Corridor, do a professional service platform such as capital market service base, use a cross-regional cooperation carrier such as entrepreneurial alliance to form a good atmosphere . At present, the work of the Yangtze River Triangulation is fully accelerated, and all tasks are fully improved, and the subjects of all parties are involved. The system innovation takes a solid pace, "China (Shanghai) Free Trade Test Zone, China (Shanghai) Free Trade Test Zone, the overall plan" clear 78 institutional innovation tasks have been completed; collaborative innovation and industrial linkage solid promotion, the long-term scientific and technological innovation community construction is successful Launch, a number of key core technical research projects have achieved significant results; the interconnection level of infrastructure continued to increase; the mass sensation is significantly enhanced, the long triangle air quality, the water environment quality continues to improve, and the outpatient interconnection is achieved. Reporter: How to play its own advantage, promote the active exploration of the Yangtze River triangle, and take the lead in forming a new development pattern that is the main body of domestic circulation, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion? GONG Zheng: We must play the lead to drive, strengthen the "four functions", promote the long-term efforts to work hard to act at the economic crisis, development of power source, reform the test field, and build a new development pattern on the forefront of the whole country. First, strengthen the global resource allocation function and create a critical node of the global elements resource network.

The focus is a high-end element platform such as capital, promoting global elements resources in Shanghai high-efficiency aggregation, efficient flow, efficient output, efficient value, enhances the concentration concentrations, link strength and radiation of various types of elements.

  Second, strengthen technology innovation policy source, bravely and industrial innovation open road. Pay attention to the original breakthrough, deepen the cooperation between Shanghai Zhangjiang and Hefei Hefei, Anhui Province, promote Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei "Four Cities Tongchuang", continue to carry out science and technology joint research, explore the implementation of "unveiling" system; pay attention to technology The achievements transformation, accelerate the construction of technological innovation centers in the Yangtze River Delta, promote the transformation of the Yangtze River Triangulation, the sharing of scientific and technological resources, the exchange of scientific and technological talents, and the cooperation of science and technology policies. Third, strengthen high-end industry leadership and jointly build world-class industrial clusters.

Focus on integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, new energy, etc., and increase efforts to promote cross-regional cooperation between industrial projects, industrial park cross-regional linkage. Fourth, strengthen open hub portal function and accelerate the new highland of reform and opening up. The focus is actively playing two septors in the ankle. Lingang new film area, deepen the cooperation of the city’s self-employment test area in Shanghai, Su Zhe, Zhejiang Province, to help the long triangle from the open transformation of the elements of factor flow type; Hongqiao International Open Hub and Integrated Demonstration Zone to build open share Platform, enlarged into the Expo effect, and jointly enhance the service long triangle ability. Reporter: Hongqiao International Open Hub, China’s Free Trade Test Area, China, China, China, Long Triangle Ecological Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Gong Zheng: The three key regions of the Yangtze River Triangle integrated development, each has clear strategic positioning, development goals, synergy, and integration, the key is to do "three mutual": First, the function complement each other.

Shanghai Shengxing Test Zone, China, Hong Kong, focusing on building a higher level of open new highland, Hongqiao International Open Hub is heavy in construction international trade center new platform, long triangular ecological green integrated development demonstration zone aims through integrated system innovation Ecological advantages transform into economic and social development advantages. The second is the policies. Plan to develop a key regional development policy and expand the coverage of the coverage after the policy implementation.

Third, the facilities are interoperable.

At the beginning of the plan, three key areas were connected to each other as an important consideration point.

  In-depth promotion of three key regions, need to further increase policy innovation, legislative security, and continuous strengthening reform integration, and break through.

The construction, maximum standard of signing the standard, the highest level of signing the standard, the highest level, the focus is to form a bigger breakthrough in the first test and risk stress test.

The construction of the integrated demonstration area is focused on highlighting the ecological green, and promotes the extension of the integrated system innovation and reproduction promotion, promoting elements in a larger range and wider field free flow, efficient configuration. Hongqiao International Open Hub Construction, focusing on building an international central business district, building a new platform for international trade center, improving the comprehensive traffic management level, improving the capacity of services and Unicom International. (Editor: Liu Shuzhen, Xiao Xin) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.