Zhejiang traffic construction project quality and safety production site will be held in Hangzhou

Zhejiang traffic construction project quality and safety production site will be held in Hangzhou

  On October 27, Zhejiang Province traffic construction project quality and safety production site will be held in Hangzhou. Chen Lijun, Party Secretary and Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation, attended the meeting and stressed, to build a first-class facility, fully build a peaceful 100-year quality engineering to ensure that the quality and safety level is in the forefront of the country, accelerate the formation of Zhejiang model, Zhejiang brand.

  Members of the party group, and the deputy director Hong Xiemin hosted the meeting. The Provincial Transportation Engineering Management Center informed the overall situation of the province’s traffic construction project, and analyzed the typical case.

6 units such as Hangzhou Transportation Bureau made a speech.

  Chen Li, pointed out that "13th Five-Year Plan" is the high tipping period of Zhejiang Province, the high-rise construction, the province’s traffic engineering quality and safety situation is generally stable and good, and the engineering quality is steadily improved.

The main indicators of safety production realize the "double decline", the number of accidents and deaths in the accident, 51%, 49%, respectively, 49% respectively.

A number of boutique demonstration projects have been built, and 16 heavyweight awards such as the Fik Award, the Luban Award.

The achievements have been worthy of recognition, and it is also necessary to clearly recognize that the current traffic engineering security situation is not stable enough, and there is weak links in safety production. The quality level needs to be further improved. . Chen Lixing emphasized that "14th Five-Year Plan" is still a long-term continuation period of traffic construction, and the comprehensive transportation investment is over 2 trillion. It is necessary to firmly establish the attitude of lean refinement, adhere to strong problem-oriented, strengthen the full life cycle concept, pay more attention to technological innovation and digital empowerment, comprehensively improve the standardization, digitization, and refinement of traffic engineering construction management.

  Chen Liuxing demanded that we must implement the project security "Sword" action, focus on rectifying the illegal violations of the construction personnel, illegally use equipment facilities, not in place, franchise management chaos 4 highlight problems, resolutely curb the accident, Resolutely eliminate larger accidents, strive to reduce the general accidents, strive to achieve "zero casualties"; to promote the quality of the three-year action, improve design, construction, equipment quality, and promote factory mode, realize the highway excellent rate up to 100%, 15 years is not repaired, the excellent rate of ordinary provincial channels is over 95%, 10 years is not repaired; to further standardize the management of the project construction market management, "focus on the standard" to rectify the illegal transfer package, "Enterprise" accelerate the improvement of credit evaluation System; to fully strengthen the quality management of raw materials and product, the main force products are all detected, and the test detection is fully implemented on-site sampling, safely promoting new product applications; Enriched engineering construction and industry supervision application scenarios, promoting engineering construction fine, precision, closed-loop management. Chen Lixing emphasized that quality and safety management can not catch position, grasp results, the key is to implement the responsibility, and implement it.

We must strictly strict, fine, constantly strengthen the implementation of responsibility, system reshaping, assess supervision and disciplinary mechanism, with higher standards, stronger responsibility, and decorate, and strive to build a hundred-year quality engineering, High quality development and transport strong province construction provide solid guarantee. On the morning, the participants came to Zhejiang Transportation Group Hangzhou No.3 Hangzhou, Hangzhou Xiaoshan No.3 Bridge, Shaoxing Shangyu Prefabricated Factory construction site, visit the visit to promote standardization, factory, automation, and intelligence 4 measures to improve the construction level Project operation. The hall leaders Huxu Ming, Shaohong, and the relevant department of the department’s relevant office shall participate in the meeting.

Municipal Transportation Bureau, Zhoushan Municipality and Port Authority, Taizhou Municipality Port and Fisheries Authority Main person in charge, some traffic investment groups in the province and city, partly in the construction of highways, key water transport projects, local railway project construction units, Partial design, relevant person in charge of the supervision unit participated in the meeting. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.