The first professional skill standard in the cultural relic industry issued 13 professional direction

The first professional skill standard in the cultural relic industry issued 13 professional direction

People’s Network Beijing October 19 (Liu Wei) Recently, the Human Resources Social Security Department, the State Cultural Relics Bureau jointly enacted the "National Vocational Skills Standards" (hereinafter referred to as "Standard"), deploying the construction of cultural relics repair talents.

On October 19th, the Ministry of National Cultural Relics Bureau and the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security held a press conference in Beijing, which introduces relevant information on national professional skills standards such as cultural relics.

It is reported that "standard" involves 13 professional direction, 65 professional grades, including professional profiles, basic requirements, work content and weights of the weights, is the first professional skill standard in my country’s cultural relics industry.

The "Standard" is based on the provisions of the National Vocational Skills Standards (2018 Edition) ", fully considering the cultural relics repairing staff and basic requirements, follow the principle of integrity, grade, normative, practical, and operability. .

"Standard" divides the occupation into five grades, which are five-level / primary workers, four-level / intermediate workers, three-level / senior workers, secondary / technicians, first-class / senior technicians. In addition, the "standard" stipulates the professional skill appraisal requirements of the cultural relics repairing staff, and requires the requirements for the corresponding grade skill appraisal evaluation, theoretical knowledge examinations, skill assessment and comprehensive evaluation methods, and proposes related professional ethics. Vocational Code and the general basic theoretical knowledge, safety knowledge, environmental knowledge, and relevant laws and regulations, and the professional functionality of different professional directions, and according to the results of different grade cultural relics to achieve or The ability to have the ability to master, the technical theory, technical requirements, operational norms and safety norms, etc.

Considering the first development of professional skills standards in the cultural relic industry, the industry and social trend must have already deposited cultural relics restoration personnel with experienced and working years, "standards" have increased the accumulation of this profession or According to the open application conditions of the relevant occupation, 20 years, 25 years (inclusive), the scope of the relevant occupations, related majors, to relax, more capable personnel engage in cultural relics repair work. Gu Yuxi, deputy secretary of the National Cultural Relics Bureau, and Deputy Director, emphasized that the release of the "standard" will promote the retrieval of cultural relics to open to society, and have a profound impact on the development of cultural relics. It is also an important part of establishing my country’s cultural relics to repair talents. Repairing the professional management, promoting professional skills evaluation scientificization, opening high-skilled talents and professional technical personnel occupational development channels, enhances the quality of cultural relics, and promotes high quality development of cultural relics. It is reported that the National Cultural Relics will hold 2021 national cultural relics vocational skills competitions in Shandong Qufu from October 22nd to 23rd.

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