Tsinghua University explores the "colorful" physical education (2)

Tsinghua University explores the "colorful" physical education (2)

Tsinghua University often triggers social attention due to sporting elements. At the Summer Olykyy Olympics, Yang Qian, a shooting athlete who won the first gold for the Chinese Legion, from the Tsinghua ‘s Sports specialties (hereinafter referred to as Maban). During high school, Yang Qian suddenly turned from Ningbo Sports School from Ningbo Sports School to Tsinghua.

In Tsinghuaia, she completes the professional shooting training, and completes the study as ordinary students, and later admitted to the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University through high-level athletes.

In the Chinese delegation of the Tokyo Olympic Games, they came from the Tsinghua University. Winning the two diving gold medals, the Chinese women’s basketball leader Han Xu, jumping high, Wang Yu, etc., is also an outstanding athlete who has been cultivated through the blend of sports teaching. According to incomplete statistics, since 1986, Master has cultivated eight international health, 34 sports, 329 first-level athletes, including the University of Tsinghua University and Peking University, delivered 645 Student athlete.

In addition, Tsinghua Nameda team has also obtained the World Middle School Basketball Championship Championship, the three-to-three basketball championships of the World Middle School students, Tsinghua Namedian men’s basketball team won 14 times in China High School Basketball League, the school is listed as a national sports State – level Campus Football Characteristics of Traditional Schools in the State Countries National Sports Project.

In the practice of cultivating high-level athletes using body education fusion, Tsinghua University has always learned cultural courses in an important position. In terms of teaching content, unify the teaching outline of the education authorities stipulated. Malabage has implemented a mixed-class system for students in junior high school, and the high school stage is the combination of independent and layered division teaching, paying attention to the comprehensive improvement and development of students’ overall quality.