The International Olympic Committee Beijing held the sixth meeting (going Dong’ao) in Beijing 20022.

The International Olympic Committee Beijing held the sixth meeting (going Dong’ao) in Beijing 20022.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 2nd, the International Olympic Committee Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Coordination Committee held the sixth meeting in the form of a video form, and communicating in consultation on the final stage of the Winter Olympic joint. The Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Chairman, Beijing, Beijing 2022, the President of the Winter Olympics Coordination Committee, Huan An Samaran, gave a speech.

  In the speech, in his speech, Cai Qi gave a thank you to the support of the Winter Olympics to Beijing Winter Olympics for a long time.

He said that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association is a major iconic activity in my country’s important historical nodes. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the Winter Olympian assistance, and Chairman Xi Jinping has repeatedly in-depth inspection of the Division, convene a special meeting research deployment, make a series of important instructions, and to do a good job in preparing for the work.

The Beijing Winter Olympics committee is closely collaboration with all aspects of China, fully implementing green, sharing, opening, and honest elaboration concepts, excellence, steadily and orderly promoting various tasks. Not long ago, the Olympic fire carrying the Olympic spirit successfully arrived in Beijing, released the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association Epidemic Handbook", held the Beijing Winter Olympics countdown 100 days, announced Beijing Winter Olympics and The Winter Disabled Olympics, the preparation of the event is basically ready, and a series of international tests is being fully inspected. Cai Qi said that at present, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, bringing challenges to Winter Olympics.

I hope that the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympics committee jointly join hands together, "Let the future" beautiful wish, show "more united" Olympic spirit, guide the stakeholders to comply with the "Epidemic Handbook" provisions. We will strive to overcome various difficult challenges, successfully completed all the preparation tasks, hold an Olympic event to the world impress and beautiful memories.

  Hu An An Samarah’s highly appreciated Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association in the speech.

He said that the international test is in progress, and the organization works very well. Beijing Winter Olympics will continue to heat up, ice and snow sports and popularization promotion activities, "300 million people participate in the ice and snow movement" goals are gradually achieved.

The release of the "Epidemic Handbook" is also contributed to the Security Success. The International Olympic Committee will maintain communication cooperation with the Beijing Winter Olympics, jointly overcome various difficulties, and ensure that Beijing Winter Olympics is successful.

  The meeting heard the latest developments in the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics epidemic prevention manual, test competition and venue, torch relay, news propaganda and other content. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Haojiang Zhen) Share let more people see the recommended reading.