Shijingshan District "License Office" added a new service

Shijingshan District "License Office" added a new service

Original title: Shijingshan District "License Pledge" adds a new service (Reporter Wang Wei) enterprises only need to carry relevant materials, can both change the business license, but also directly propose a trademark change application, realize "only run once ". Recently, Shijingshan District took the lead in launching business license changes and trademark registration certificates to "license joint office".

  On September 1, Mr. Zhang, the head of the Beijing Institute of Industry and Technology Research Center, came to the South District of Shijingshan District Government Service Center.

When you know that it is necessary to conduct registration changes, the staff will take the initiative to inform the company If you have a registered trademark, you can apply for a business license change and the trademark registration certificate to change the "license joint" service, and patiently explain the risk of change in time.

After the application of the company, Mr. Zhang quickly received the changed business license and the official seal, completed the change of registered trademarks, and the company has also become the first in Shijing Mountain. Enterprises that change the change of trademark registration certificates. It is understood that some enterprises conduct corporate names or address changes, due to the registered trademarks under their name, there is no corresponding change in time, resulting in invalid declaration of the National Intellectual Property Bureau, and the relevant documents of the withdrawal of the disciplined application are not received. It may not be possible to make a reply or lawsuit in time, thereby losing the right to trademark, and may affect the company’s registration trademark continuation procedures and future transfer or authorization. Shijingshan District Market Supervision Bureau adopts the "one-to-push two-way informed license", increasing internal business materials, and promoting the registration of corporate change registration and trademark change application synchronous acceptance, collaborative handling, so that the masses will run less.

At the same time, effectively promote enterprises to strengthen intellectual property management and avoid unnecessary intellectual property risks. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Xiong Xu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.