Wisdom Roblin Project This year plans to launch a new service management system

Wisdom Roblin Project This year plans to launch a new service management system

Original title: Wisdom Roblin Card Project This year plans to launch a new service management system Roblin card set natural landscape and human landscape, is the largest landscape palace building in Tibet. As the world cultural heritage, Roblinka has ancient buildings, a large number of movable cultural relics, murals, gardens, and unique history, science, culture and artistic value.

How to do a good job in the protection and activation of cultural heritage is a problem that Roblin Card Management Office has been in depth.

The digital online and virtual clouds use the latest modern information technology to move the cultural relics of the entities to the online digital world. In cultural relics protection, meet the public cultural needs, deepening the integration of the public, and enhance the influence of Roblin Culture. Major significance.

  Digital online and virtual cloud travel is an important part of the entire informationization of Roblinka.

The Roblin Management Office cooperated with the Hunan Provincial Museum in 2018 to construct the construction of the construction group as a pilot, and invited a number of industry experts to make comments and suggestions for construction work, which is the digital online construction and Virtual clouds laid a solid foundation.

In addition, in the second half of 2020, the second phase of the ancient digital collection project was launched, and digital collection and processing work was highly completed, and high-quality data was collected for Roblin Digital Online and virtual cloud tour.

  With the development of modern scientific and technological levels, based on the technology of close-up photogrammetry, point cloud, three-dimensional laser scanning measurement, Roblin Management Office uses digital means to intervene, improve and construct a suitable artifact. The technical framework system for logging of ontology, and eventually forms a construction information security monitoring and management platform with point cloud database, three-dimensional simulation model and status quotation digital data management system as the core.

  Zejin, director of the Roblin Management Office, said that the digital online and virtual cloud tour of the cultural relics scenic spot will first help strengthen cultural relics protection, and the cultural relics are fully collected, and these collection information can be Data materials for repairing recovery of cultural relics during future cultural relics. Secondly, carry out the number of digital online construction in the scenic spot, which helps to meet the cultural needs of the public, and the virtual cloud can make the public not leave home, lightly fingertips, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Roblin Card at home, through panoramic technology in the park Enjoy HD interactive tour, appreciate the high-definition images of cultural relics, and feel the rich historical culture of Roblin. At the same time, the comprehensive platform is used to build smart tourist scenic spots, popularize electronic maps, voice guides, etc., build a special scenic spot digital exhibition hall, promote digital construction such as roads, tourism toilets.

  This year, the Roblin Management Office plans to launch the smart Roblin project and build a digital basis.

It is reported that the project uses advanced technology such as 3R, big data, cloud computing, digital twins, and builds new wisdom Roblin management, service system, comprehensively enhances the cultural relics protection capacity of Roblinka, public service capabilities, and management capabilities. Innovation management model, application method, promote technology and cultural heritage, and the comprehensive depth of tourism scenic spots.

It is expected that the digital collection and post-production work of more than 10 buildings, including Gesango, Dan Dan, Long-term, Xia Di Lacang, etc. will be completed this year. Based on this, the development and production of virtual cloud tour is basized. Most of the buildings will be able to achieve digital online and virtual clouds.

(Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren).