Tax Hui bonus let farmers "money bag" becomes more and more drums

Tax Hui bonus let farmers "money bag" becomes more and more drums

Villagers in the green water village of Wansheng Economic Kaido are holding bags into the supermarket. Zhu Feiyang photographed "The industry has been developed, more income" should consolidate the results of the poverty reduction, continue to increase, and the industry is rooted.

Recently, San Laoda Sweet Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., located in Qijiang District, Chongqing, ushered in kiwi sales "gold season" in Kiwi Sweet Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "San Liantian Sweet").

  "We develop the kiwifruit industry, walking about the road of standardization, branding, and industrialization." San Lei Tian Sweet Finance, Zhou Ping, said, the company concentrates more than 12,000 mu of land, based on planting kiwifruit, supporting 5 Industry chain projects such as 10,000 tons of cold chain logistics, seedling production center, kiwi pollen flour plant.

At present, the company has become a faucet enterprise of municipal agricultural industrialization, through the model of "company + cooperative + farmers", has driven more than 1,000 farmers in the surroundings of more than 60,000 yuan.

  "We can develop to today’s scale, in addition to their own struggle, also inseparable from country support for agricultural projects.

Zhou Pingli listed a group of data. Last year, the company’s kiwifruit sales revenue was about 5.5 million yuan, and the value-added tax policy was exempted from producing agricultural products, and reduced about 10,000 yuan tax.

This year, kiwi sales revenue will reach 6.5 million yuan, and can save 10,000 yuan tax.

"This money we will use scientific and efficient pest control technology to enhance the effect of kiwifruit.

Zhou Pu said.

  "The industry has been developed, and we have more and more income.

"The villagers Wu Quanxiu said, and she raised the land to San Liantian. At the same time, the company’s kiwifruit management maintenance, lease fees and wages added. The annual income increased by 10,000 yuan. Document No. 1 Document It is proposed to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages and accelerate the modernization of agricultural rural areas.

The Chongqing Tax Department has prepared "support" "support" three rural "working tax preferential policy" covering 8 categories of agricultural tax concessions, "continued to focus on agricultural enterprises, launching convenience tax, implementation of farmers, promotional policies, and helping The High Quality Development of Agriculture Enterprises.

  "Work, the more and more tastes" I have entered the production workshop of Chongqing Jinmin Kang Electric Co., Ltd. in Nanchuan District Industrial Park, the operation of the mechanical equipment is not stopped, and Yang Yaoju is working in an orderly manner, and the factory is busy in the factory. "Since I work in 2020 to the factory, I have a stable income, and I can take care of my family. This day is really a taste.

"Yang Yaoju is a member of Chongqing Jinmin Kang Electric Co., Ltd., is a member of the poverty, like her, is currently 23 in the factory." The company was established in the early days, we recruited several settlements Personnel, so enjoy the tax concession, which firmly we continue to help poor people’s determination. "Yang Mei, the company’s financial person in charge," From January to September this year, the company enjoys nearly 10,000 yuan due to the 23rd establishment of the poverty personnel.

This part of the tax-free tax, Yang Mei said that the company has given feedback to the employee through a free lunch. In response to key groups such as poverty, unemployed, university graduates, etc., the state has introduced special tax preferential policy support and promoting its entrepreneurship.

According to policy stipulations, in Chongqing, it is necessary to pay in accordance with the value-added tax and urban maintenance of the enterprise in the same year within three years, in accordance with the quota of 7800 yuan per person, and the city maintenance and construction tax, education fee attached to the company. The deduction of local education attached and corporate income tax is further reduced, and the company’s operating costs, helps enterprise guarantee and stabilize employment. "There is a resident Tourism team to help, the sales are not awkward" "This year, the pumpkin harvest is particularly good, and an acre is almost 1500 catties.

"Recently, Hang Yongxiu, who lives in Yonglun Town, Wansheng, Chongqing, is laughing. Yield is good, sales become the most concerned about Hangyongxiu.

Like the Hang Yongxiu, pay attention to the sales of agricultural products, and 88 households in the village. Learn about this situation, Wansheng’s Taoist Taxation Bureau sent Zhang Hongsheng, a team member of the Greenwater Village, and the team members, actively diverted local supermarkets, understand their purchase needs and purchase intentions, and actively pulled the bridge, coordinate their and green water The village establishes a long-term cooperative mechanism and opens a green watercorn agricultural product sales.

At the same time, he and the players also help farmers sell agricultural products through the way of friends.

Under the efforts of the Village Task Force, Green Water Village has sold more than 130,000 pounds of pumpkins this year, and the income is nearly 100,000 yuan.

  "There is a resident Tourism team to help, our sales is not awkward." Hang Yongxiu said with a smile. In 2021, Chongqing Taxation Bureau sent 103 taxpas staff as members of the first secretary of the village and the resident team. Since May this year, they have a rural village, and they have a hard work, and do a good job in the people’s practical things, and add strong kinetic energy. The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Taxation Bureau said that the tax authorities will be based on tax functions, promote the promotion of tax-grooming policies, and promote the development of "three rural" development, precisely implementation of farmers and tax fees, and further stimulate farmers in the development of farmers and tax-related policies. Enterprise vitality, constantly impress tax power for rural villages.

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