Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions held an union special training meeting

Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions held an union special training meeting

The people’s network Xiamen November 13th, the Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions held a training course for trade union specialty training courses, general trade unions, trade unions, and municipal trade unions, and the municipal trade unions participated in training.

Liu Yiping, Vice Chairman of the Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions, attended the opening ceremony, and gave a card for the newly created family of shared employees in 2020. It is reported that this event has conveyed the spirit of the superiors, focusing on the main points of the training of the Xiamen University of Trade Union in 2020, training on the standardization construction of union grassroots organizations, eight major group construction meetings, corporate democracy management and other content. "The union has played an important role in serving employees and consolidation of trade union foundation." Liu Yiping said in a speech that strengthening learning training is a new situation to meet the new situation, meet new challenges, and adapt to the development of the situation.

The unions must enhance their understanding and continuously strengthen their own learning and effectively enhance the enthusiasm and urgency of learning and training. It is not only political, but also has advanced vision and innovative skills.

At the same time, the end is working, relieved; to learn theory; pay attention to the actual situation, pay attention to explore new problems encountered in the reform and development, constantly enhance their actual work level and practical ability, and promote work innovation.

(Lin Ying Dunna) (Question: Chen Lanyan, Wu Zhou).