Snow project venue venue has been fully launched

Snow project venue venue has been fully launched

Original title: Snow project venue has been fully launched on November 12th, "Meeting Beijing" series test competition and test activity news blowing will be held in Beijing Winter Olympics.

Yao Hui, Minister of Management, Beijing Winter Olympics, said that the current test competition is over half, and all the events are successfully held according to the plan. Among them, the epidemic prevention measures of the test were practiced related policies and measures in the first edition of the Edition of the Winter Olympics. After repeated verification, it was proven to be scientific and effective. The test work has been introduced. As of now, 6 international events and snow-free international training weeks of the Asian Field Skating Open, the Short Track Skating World Cup, the ice cavern, domestic test activities have been completed. Subsequent test competitions and training wings will also be held in accordance with the plan. Yao Hui introduced that in order to ensure the successful arrival of the competition, many other people with more than 2,600 people such as team officials, technical officials and OBS, sports show, etc., have arranged flights. .

In addition, it also coordinates the cargo plane, and completes the freight task of the snowball item equipment. On the venue, the Winter Olympics committee related parties around the series of important issues, such as visa invitation, flight arrangement, epidemic prevention and control, closed-loop management, time emergency disposal, etc., the headquarters and its dispatch center carefully deployed , Scientific decision-making, co-ordination, and efficient command, provide a strong guarantee for the smooth organization of the test competition.

  The dispatch center is responsible for implementing the decision-making and deployment of the operational headquarters, carrying out incident tracking, information delivery, directive issuance, and two-way reporting, and two-way reporting, and two-way reports.

The group committees and venue teams also conducted daily assessment, post-match, timely discovery, solve problems, and quickly optimize improvements. Under the co-ordination command of the operating headquarters, the governments of each venue strengthened environmental remediation, traffic order maintenance, image landscape layout around the venue. The epidemic prevention and control is understood. During the test competition, the whole process epidemic prevention management was carried out in accordance with the principle of "should be connected", combined with the short-term physical health status declaration, and strictly control the entry. Secondly, the closed-loop management of the whole process is implemented. From the abutment of the participants to the airport, from the accommodation hotel to and from the venue, the isolation observation after the safety departure and the interlaced observation after the game, all closed-loop management. In terms of epidemic prevention and urban epidemic prevention, the organizing committee ensures that after the entry of the visitors will participate in the event, it is not in contact with the public, and the safety is safe and fast. Yao Hui introduced that there was a number of participants in the test during the test competition, and the nucleic acid detection was positive after entering the country.

Since then, the committee arranges them to check in the isolation center, and after confirming as asymptomatic infections, nucleic acids are detected daily.

After two tests are negative, athletes can continue to participate in training and competitions. "We fully listen to prevention and control expert opinions, strictly follow the policies of winter Olympline, timely, in time, effective arrangements and disposal in terms of transportation, accommodation, training, etc., which effectively safeguards the health and other accompanying people. Rights, and strive to ensure the smooth and safe of the test competition, have accumulated a good experience.

"Yao Hui said. Test match injured athletes experience medical assistance in the event organizational, venue, ice ribbon, slide frozen feature, timing count, TV broadcast, sports show, on-site award, news interview, medical treatment The collaborative linkage has accepted the test.

  According to reports, on November 8th, the Polish athletes were rescued within 3 minutes after the training of Snow Credight Center. After 19 minutes, they have arrived at the fixed hospital.

According to the diagnosis and treatment report, the Polish athlete is a leg fracture, followed by surgery on the same day. After the incident, the International Sled Federation and the venue team immediately conducted a comprehensive examination of the track and optimized the training organization process. At 5:45 pm on the 8th, training was recovered.

  During the test competition, the relevant departments of the venue enhanced the timeliness and operation of medical treatment. From the snowball competition and short travelers, to some cold, sprained staff, all get effective treatment of venue medical teams and fixed-point hospitals, verify the effectiveness of general policies, reflecting the high medical ambulance level. The subsequent test match is focused on the basics of the Ice Project Test, the snow project venue has been fully launched. According to reports, in the process of preparing in the subsequent test, the relevant departments will pay close attention to weather changes and artificial snow progress, pay attention to the preparation of tracks, focus on fiber optic cable, broadcast platform, temporary facilities, laying construction, and do a good job in the game Emergency response work such as schedule changes. At present, the scene of the scene of the project venue on the test is fully launched.

Yao Hui said that only 84 days from the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, in addition to doing a follow-up test task, it is necessary to properly use the conversion of various tasks and different tasks from the test.

"In this period, we will also work with the International Olympic Committee and the International Disabled Olympic Committee, and strive to achieve comprehensive ready of the game by completing the exercise task.

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