Zhuang Ge: Stabilizing the market entity and expanding domestic demand is the focus of stability employment

Zhuang Ge: Stabilizing the market entity and expanding domestic demand is the focus of stability employment

People’s Network Beijing July 14 (Reporter Zhang Guigui) Today, the People’s Network Strong Forum held in the form of online research "’Let thousands of households" – the second half of the employment situation. " The National Industrial and Commercial Line, Vice President, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Zhuang Ge believes that stabilize employment, first must steadily stabilize the market main body, steady SMEs, small micro enterprises, and individual industrial households.

If there is no employment position without the market entity. This year’s government work report has a very impression that it is very impressive, called "staying in Qingshan, winning the future." That is to say to stabilize all kinds of market mains. At present, due to the influence of new crown pneumonia epidemic, private enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, have received unprecedented impact, and many companies have a chain, industrial chain, and demand chain break.

This year, the government’s work report proposes: increase tax reduction and tax reduction, help the market main body to excellent, add tax reduction and cost of 500 billion yuan, new year reduction is 10,000 yuan, we must resolutely put the tax reduction price policy to implement enterprise. Therefore, through the policy of tax cuts, most companies have made most companies to return to the normal business activities as soon as possible to provide a stable job in the whole society. At the same time, we must strengthen financial support to stabilized enterprises. It can be said that each market entity is the "Qingshan" of the national economy. It only has a strong basis for stabilizing employment; contrary, if the company cannot be in financial position, operating costs and other burden, Differential difficulties such as fund chains, then relied on its resolution of employment issues.

Zhuang Ge said, stable employment, but also to achieve domestic demand.

Only if there is stability in demand, there will be economic growth to form corresponding employment. Only by steady employment promotes the people’s livelihood, we will improve the willingness and ability of residents.

At present, it is necessary to support the traditional service industry, support the restoration of life service industries such as catering, shopping malls, culture, tourism, and home economics, and promote the online convergence of the line.

These areas, affected by the epidemic, are also labor-intensive industries, and the recovery of these industries can play an indicator effect on stable employment. Support policies conducted to these industries have gradually achieved industrial recovery, and the confidence in establishing economic recovery for the entire tertiary industry.

Another way to expand domestic demand is to expand effective investment.

By expanding effective investment policies, promoting the economy as soon as possible and restores normal economic order, it is entirely necessary, which can make economic development back to normal growth tracks, enhance the confidence of the whole society to the national economy, and prompted economic subjects to future economy Development has formed a good expectation.

At the same time, through investment in a specific industrial sector, the social needs of employment positions and bring corresponding income for the whole society, providing a stable social environment for national economic recovery and development.

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