Zhejiang Qingtian: Qiao Township "Micro Reform"

Zhejiang Qingtian: Qiao Township "Micro Reform"

Original title: "Weight Improvement" of the hometown, November 13th, a "World Commodity Carnival" – The 4th Overseas Expo is held in Qingtian County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, attracting more than 1,300 companies at home and abroad.

One of the top ten platforms that Zhejiang undertake China’s international import fair overflow effect. The Overseas Expo is the best "Zhejiang responding" "Lishui acts" and "Qingtian practice". While going out, Qingtian also pays more attention to cultivating "internal strength". Through "micro-transformation, improvement" action to actively create 5A-level scenic spots as the goal, excavate the cultural connotation of the countryside, enhance tourists to make micro-feelings, and have a new one everywhere It is not to build a beautiful landscape of Qiaoliang, which is dotted with this dream.

Tour in the countryside, feel the rich exotic style.

Qingtian is a place to synchronize with the world, and the most impressed by the tourists is the landscapes and buildings of all kinds of different styles.

Since this year, Qingtian has tight around the creation of 5A-level scenic spots, from the subtleties, surrounding the quality of the Jinzhuyuan, Shimen and other communities, the environmental rectification of the crane, the landscape of Ximen Bridge, Linjiang East Road City Sculpture Create and other projects, through small items, small details, dress "face", and do "illegal". "We plan to build 33 projects this year, invest 92.9 million yuan, through micro-modification, small projects, small investment, enhance the sense of gain of the public tourists, so that every scenery is vital, truly implementing ‘ In the city, the city will be a beautiful vision of the scene, help the scenic city to create.

"The relevant person in charge of the County Wencong International Bureau said. The product is in the hometown, and I will try the alcoholic coffee." Do you drink tea or coffee? Coffee is not only cast, but also is authentic coffee beans.

"The leader of the county magazine brimple coffee cultural corner introduced the visit.

Grinding machine, semi-automatic italistic coffee machine, etc.

Through the office space, it has built more than 20 coffee cultural angles this year, which has become the preferred place for reception guests.

A friendly café, high-speed train, a special coffee bar, a 24-free coffee experience class, etc. At present, Qingtian has nearly 300 cafes, clasped the development of the world coffee industry, officially established Qingtian County Coffee Industry Association, explored "coffee equipment procurement + distribution + training + maintenance" full chain standardization supply model, through "culturality Coffee, Talent Coffee, Brand Tree Coffee, Business Tour Promotes Coffee, Market Top Coffee ", etc., go out of a" coffee + "integration path. Purchased in the countryside and striving for the rich "world supermarket". Secretary of the Party Group, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Zhejiang Province, Chairman, said that red wine and coffee are often considered to be "shipping products", witnessing the great process of East and Western cultural blending. Qingtian held an Overseas Expo, and the coffub will, it is a useful measures to promote Chinese and foreign exchanges with the Dongfeng of "One Belt". As the primary appearance held by the Overseas Chinese Expo, the import commodity in Overseas Chinese in Qingtian’s oil bamboo street sells more than 70,000 import commodities from more than 70 countries have become the most important commodity distribution center in Zhejiang.

Small micro projects such as the entrance of the commodity city, the fun pattern zebra crossing, so that the tourism supporting facilities of the imported commodity city have been significantly improved.

"Although the change is small, expensive is in the fine.

After this transformation, the living environment became beautiful, more tourists, the customer is natural, our business is also.

"The person in charge of the store of Spain products said.

Beautiful Qingtian, happy overseas Chinese. Qingtian is working from "small", through "micro-transformation, improvement" work, explore the integration of Jingcheng, with "Overseas" as the media, driving more overseas Chinese, hilarity, Zhejiang, building Zhejiang, show new era in the whole domain "Zhejiang Window".

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