Wang Jie spirit is always our precious spiritual wealth

Wang Jie spirit is always our precious spiritual wealth

Iron armor booked and smoke. The training ground in the North Anhui Province, the 71st group army synthesis brigade organization armored team shot and night shot assessment.

"The whole car pays attention! Shock!" The chariot roared, and shocked to the field of shooting.

Inter-travel, each occupant is closely co-colored, and a shot of a target target is accurately hit. "Wang Jieban" has played a full look and won the bursts of officers and men.

"Wang Jieban" is a great communist warrior Wang Jie’s class, Wang Jie’s "one is not afraid of bitterness, two is not afraid of death" spirit through time and space, and constantly motivate the officers and men . President Xi Jinping stressed that Wang Jie’s spirit is that now is that it will always be our precious spiritual wealth. To learn to practice Wang Jie spirit, let Wang Jie bloom a new era. I am not afraid of suffering, I am not afraid of death is bloody and vivid and writing Huaihai Dadi, Woyomi.

On December 13, 2017, Chairman Xi came to the 71st group army, first visited the officers and soldiers who Wang Jie came before. Chairman Xi learned about the comrades of Wang Jie, not afraid of suffering, two are not afraid of death, emotionally, I am not afraid of suffering, I am afraid of death is a bloody and vivid portrayal, I have to be a revolutionary soldier.

Comrade Wang Jie, born in 1942, Jinxiang County, Shandong Province.

He advocated hero from a small child. In August 1961, he gave up the opportunity to read high schools, and was assigned to the Jinan Military Region of the Jinan Military Region at the time. After the entry, Comrade Wang Jie quickly joined the Communist Youth League and was rated as "five good warriors for three consecutive years.

When the soldiers were 4 years, Comrade Wang Jie wrote more than 300 articles, with a total of more than 10,000 words.

These diarys real record the hero’s heart road history – "What is ideal? The revolution is ideal.

What is the future? The revolutionary cause is the future.

What is happiness? Serving people is happiness. "For the party, I am not afraid of entering the knife into the fire; for the party, even if I am afraid, I am willing to be willing." "" We want ‘not afraid of suffering, two are not afraid of death ", be a big fearless person.

"………. He is doing this, which is also doing it. In July 1965, Comrade Wang Jie suddenly exploded in the explosive package when organizing militia training. Crisis, only 23 years old, he is 12 The safety of the militia and the people’s armed cadres, using the body to the explosive bag, saved the lives of others, but he he himself sacrificed. Wang Jie has been submitted to the party application for the organization before his death, and write "in honor Don’t reach out, don’t reach it in the treatment, don’t reach it in the material, "work is always high.

After Wang Jie sacrificed, according to his wishes, the party committee of the troops chased him for the Communist Party of China. In 1965, the class in his life was named "Wang Jieban". In the "Wang Jieban", the blood jacket and pen residue left after Wang Jie sacrificed, a page of the yellow diary, a precious photo, recorded his extraordinary deeds in ordinary positions.

The officers and men came here, remember comrades from Wang Jie, and learned from the experience of the old squad leader. "Wang Jie spirit is always our precious spiritual wealth.

We must remember the chairman, vigorously promote the spirit of Wang Jie, integrate Wang Jie into the blood, and serve as a strong army, and use the actual action to let Wang Jie bloom a new era.

"Wang Jieban", Huang Long said. Wang Jie commented to death to the explosive bag, use life to practice "one is not afraid of bitterness, second is not afraid of death" 铿铿 铿 铿. Holding his glorious deeds Widely circulated, heroic spirit has been inherited.

In 1968, Comrade Wang Jie was named Wang Jie Village.

Today, Wang Jie Square, Wang Jie Middle School, Wang Jieban, Wang Jie Shao Team, Wang Jie Demonstration … No matter in the military camp, it is in place, Wang Jie spirit is carrying forward. Inheriting the spirit of promoting the spirit of the hero, striving for the new era of Wang Jie good warriors, Wang Jie, "Don’t reach it in honor, don’t reach it in the treatment, don’t reach in the material", this "three do not reach" is a mirror, Communists must take pictures of this mirror.

For a long time, Wang Jie came to born, and the company inherited Wang Jie’s old squad leader, and the firm belief with the party took the party. Forging the hard-collar of the hard-working, the heroic and tenacious battle style, put Wang Jie’s mental molten into the blood, Listed to generation, leaving a string of shiny footprints. In April 2017, "Wang Jieban" was built as a armored stepper, and it was also on the new two-in-one-in-chucking chariot, which brings new challenges to the officers and men of "Wang Jieban".

The whole class warrior is a sculpture of Wang Jie’s old squad leader. It will not be a glory of Wang Jie ‘s honor. Focus on transformation, three "iron rules" under all classes: training time is not less, the content is not enough, and the training intensity cannot be reduced.

Since then, "Wang Jieban" soldiers get up at 5 o’clock every morning.

In the field training ground, the whole class insists that like Comrade Wang Jie "Digitally Pickup Hard Tank Digle" is hard work, insisting on training progress than people, the training intensity is higher than people, the training is difficult than the people Some.

Phase a bitter, heaven or not. Insufficient columns, "Wang Jieban" hit in the new equipment for the first time, first hit, hammer. Wang Jie.

""arrive! "When the comrades of Wang Jie lived in front of each night, the first name of the call was always" Wang Jie. "

Entering "Wang Jieban", Wang Jie’s bunk bed is still maintained.

For more than 50 years, I have served as "Wang Jieban" squad leader to open the old squad of the quilt every night, and the quilt will be stacked in the early morning.

For everyone, this is both a commemoration and admiration and a inheritance and incentive. This year is the 56th anniversary of Comrade Wang Jie. For the comrades of Wang Jie.

This is a tradition of the company insists on more than 50 years.

Places in the hero, the officers and men organize the exercises, commemorative rituals, visit and see sports, talk about exchanges, etc.

Double-Governor Liu Xinqing, the representative of the officials, the officials and soldiers, "" In the great journey of the strong military, we have to pick up the steel gun in the hands of Wang Jie’s old squad, learn to practice ‘one is not afraid of suffering, two is not afraid of death’ spirit, Do a new era of Wang Jie good warrior.

"Youth chapter written in the big furnace of the people’s army in January 2019, President Xi’s" Wang Jieban "is coming to" Wang Jieban ", encouraging them to study hard, firm beliefs, hard practice, and create new era. The good warrior, writing hot youth in the big furnace of the people’s army, and wishes the soldiers and the family of the soldiers to the new year blessings. The commander is concerned about the soldiers, the soldiers want to tell the soldiers, and the commander is in the heart of the soldiers.

Previously, "Wang Jieban" all warriors are full of concern to write the letter, report on the situation of their work, learning and personal growth, express the trust of the chairman, and make up the determination and attitude of the achievements. .

On the day of the President of the President, "Wang Jieban" all officers and soldiers were excited to sleep.

The officers and men said that we must resolutely understand the chairman, consciously do heroes, continue to achieve new results.

"The whole tour will translate the cordial care of the President Xi to the power source of training, through learning discussion, special teaching, ‘Ten school Wang Jie’ and other activities, and in-depth implementation of the" Time "Wang Jieban" The Journalism Commission Zhang Zhendong said. "Some of life and death, but the soldiers must dare to say, once there is a need, I will also be like the old squad leader …" "Wang Jieban" Warrior Xu Bin wrote this in the letter of the family. The next day, the brigade is newly equipped with water driving training.

This course has a certain danger. Xu Bin submitted an application to the company and strive to get a leader. The cordial encouragement of President Xi, became the inexhaustible motivation of "Wang Jieban" warrior training. Today, "Wang Jieban" members have mastered the three professional content of step-in-law driving, shooting, and communications, and more than 10 kinds of combat weapons that can be skilled with armor infantry, achieving all the goals of arbitrariness of arbitrariness to ensure The long-lasting combat power in the battlefield environment, the results are promoted throughout the tour.

The wind is rolling, and the cannon is rumble. This summer, the 71st Group 71 of the military team of the army struck thousands of miles, went to the northwest Gobi to conduct a mission, and tempered the firepower capabilities.

On the position, under one order, the artillery team quickly sent to the designated area, and a gunball screamed, and accurately covered the target area.

From Dawn to the late night, the force continuous operation was more than 20 hours, fully inspected the officers and soldiers fighting and commanding.

Always prepare the battlefield, always ready to sprinkle blood, always prepare to win.

Today, the warrior will "can win" into a high conscious, so that the challenge is self-practicing, take the initiative to practice, self-founded and taking a habit, and put every training ground is treated as an improvement A rare opportunity to fight the skills, in the melting of thousands of hammers, the more of the "sharp knife" sharp.

Time passed, the spirit is eternal. Big Jiangnan North, the seat of the seat of the Great Wall, one generation of revolutionary soldiers used Wang Jie spirit to condense the soul, the strong military can Youth chapter.