What is Russia to vigorously develop future electronic warfare equipment?

What is Russia to vigorously develop future electronic warfare equipment?

According to foreign media reports, the Russian army attaches great importance to the innovation and development of electronic warfare equipment, accelerating the integration of electronic warfare weapons and equipment.

In the face of fierce competition in the electronic warfare, what kind of strategic consideration is Russia? Where will the electronic war will go on the battlefield? The heritage is full, and the Russian electronic warfare equipment has been preparing to receive a large-scale reception "Belina" electronic warfare system.

The electronic warfare system uses artificial intelligence technology to programmatically analyze the battlefield environment, detection, identification goals and classifications, and then independently decided to suppress the target. Strong to join hands, "Musmansk-BN" remote electronic warfare system installed new "Sino Moriye" electronic equipment. The Russian Defense announced that the Russian Northern Fleet has all replaced new electronic warfare equipment to protect the safety of its northern territory.

As one of the ace, the "Musmansk-Bn" electronic war system is one of the ace, the "Communication Fortress". In addition, the "Claisha-4" electronic war system has also appeared in the Arctic, its purpose is to make the other satellite communication, GPS navigation and other communication means to block the battlefield charm.

Synergy in the air, "Lummer" special electronic warfare is born. The Er-22 "Logging Man" e-war plane, which is modified from the short-range passenger plane, as a "big murder" that interferes with the navigation satellite, can independently detect the radio radiation of the enemy air defense system, with its own powerful radar interference ability to distort the enemy radar signal . The big country is competitive, what will be unquestionable, and electromagnetic spectrum technology has become an indispensable part of modern battlefield. With the rise of intelligent wars, the rise of information warfare, the strategic core of modern war is gradually gradually contesting the electronic confrontation between the battlefield from the traditional tanks, aircraft, warships and other hard-striking characters.

Therefore, electronic war weaponry will become one of the key elements of the future in the future, as an important criterion measuring a military strong country, it is the key to winning the future information warming power. Promoting the Surface of the Electronic War from the Subscissization Group to the integrated situation is quietly happening inside the Russian army. An Estonia International Defense and Safety Center is pointed out in the "Russian Electronics Capacity 2025" report that the Russian army has expanded the electronic war forces by the army from the Navy and the Army in 2008.

The electronic warfare system develops in the intelligent direction.

At present, the Russian army is developing, improving, and deploying updated electronic warfare weapons, improving electronic warfare, through electromagnetic suppression, electronic interference and other means to obtain battlefield initiative. Significant, electronic warfare leads the future battlefield with the rapid development of intelligent technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual simulation, has an endless technological innovation, and the future war has become more dependent on electronics.

In the future, the popularity of electronic warfare on the battlefield may greatly achieve unprecedented height, and the blend of other high-tech weapons and electronic warfare systems will be more close. At this time, the electronic operations have become a key to the future war. ring.

Behind the nervous electronic attack and defense is the competition for high-tech high-tech high-tech, and the other’s electronic technology is more advanced. Whoever has the unilateral transparency of the battlefield. At this stage, the information processing capacity of the electronic war system, the development potential of data transmission capacity can be described as very broad, which also brings more possibilities to the future battlefield.

With the fourth industrial revolution, the electronic warfare technology has a qualitative leap. The new situation electronic war is a star star in the new military revolution. Its development is very likely to promote the development of future wars, and even the situation of future wars. (松 泽 润 王 王雅妮) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.