Since I don’t understand, why should I "see"

Since I don’t understand, why should I "see"

  The small white entry can be a painting, an artistic replica, or a book of this discussion.

The same is true, the house number is correct, the key is parallel, and it is a seat art palace. ———- There is a decorative painting on my bookshelf, inlaid in the curve glass box, has been placed for many years. It is a long time ago, I bought it in a "art" store. I didn’t know the origin of the painting at the time, I only felt that it looks good, the color is beautiful, "some means". This may be all art blinds, hey, today is called "small white", the first impression of a work. You can don’t know who is the author of a picture, creation background, its genre, and even see can’t understand it, but it can touch you, because of color, line, composition, or some feeling and emotion – pure beauty , Joy, sadness, anger, anxiety … I and my girlfriend slipped in the autumn park. She lifted her mobile phone. I got down in front of a bus, looking for a suitable shooting angle. Don’t you think it is like Van Gogh? She asked.

That’s not sunflower! She screamed me and put a good photo to my eyes: You see, is this form of Van Gogh? She refers to the composition of the famous painting. I see it more like Little.

The bunch of flowers growing, reminds me of the "a large piece of lawn" of Little. Hey, this is painting, different people, and the sense of view is completely different.

And those paintings were initially disposed of dispute, and they were excluded by the orthodox college. They were ridiculed as "beasts".

Draw "new people", but if they have, strive to create their own style and constantly subvert the tradition. You see the "kiss" of Kremt, which is what painted on my bookshelf. What can I see from it? If you are like me, it is a "entry" and may take a look at the interpretation of "Jensen Art History".

Background: The end of the 19th century, art responded to modern development. This is both a beautiful era, and it is also full of the end of the century.

– Hey, some similar "This is the best era, the worst era", has extensive artistic style and sports such as impressionism, symbolism and new art style. It is Sai Shang, Zun, Van Gogh, Gao More Times, and Belgium’s "Twenty Group", "Vienna Separate".

  Van Gogh painted the famous "Sunflower", 3, 12, 15, "Sniry Night", "Night Cafe"; Gao More – Machi Famous Famous Painter Prototype, Suspension The distant countryside of the Panchany peninsula is not far enough, runs to Tahiti, South Pacific, looking for primitive art; Monk, which is affected by them, "shouting", this is "infected" Kremt, Create a series of works centered on "kiss" and draw your lover into it. There is also a pair of men and women in Monk’s work, and the face of lovers is fused, as if they are being swallowed each other. By the way, I heard the wedding request of my girlfriend, and the Monk scold the guns.

However, his painting is just a simple black group. Kremt is "rich", his character is wrapped in a beautiful gold foil robot, the foot of the colored carpet, the high hanging on the paradise . "Kiss" contains strong decorative components ", textbooks (" Jensen Art History "is the art department of colleges and universities, so I said it as a" decorative painting "nor too.

As for the "separation", it is to break all kinds of art level divids – in the "side of the" on the cloud "college classification, the type of painting has the high and low, history painting, custom painting, decorative painting , Can only accompany the end, the decorative art is scornful to "craftsmen" level.

  After this, the beastist’s Martis and the three-dimensional Picasso appeared. As the beginning of modern art, this history, all art history books will speak. You only need to read "Jensen Art History" or "History of Canada" (this is a stupid approach, the big head of thousands of pages, very test patiently), can build a general knowledge framework. Don’t expect to see a work, you know its author, style, creative background … I have to admit, good painting, I don’t understand, like Kang Difeski "constitute eight", but this is Does not hinder the pleasure of colors, lines, and geometric shapes.

  Wang Laogong said: Xiaobai’s entry cheat can be a painting, an artistic replica, or a book of this discussion, the house number is right, the key password is right, and it is a seat art palace.

Read the "Art Story of Art", BBC’s Art Series, "Civilization" "The Strength of Art", "The Shock" of New Arts, " Of course, there must be "other eye-catching art" of Barnes, which love I love … well, I don’t want to give you a list, just recently, I happen to "they – Paul Johnson" new art Story, Basic is the number of routine art history, David Rio and Alan Delpon clearly have talented gestures: I don’t understand you, I don’t understand.

  But I still like David Rio. He is fictional with a private art museum, telling you classical art.

Then, I built a museum and talking to you with modern art.

You are there, you can see the "Venus" of the different painters together, the red coach "compete" majesty, as well as various fruits and ingredients hanging in the kitchen ("in order to cover the pharyngeal water But the action that is unable to avoid ", the author leaves this), the restaurant is stunning still life – I think that Buder’s" flower in the glass bottle "and" sunflower "are more similar.

In addition, there are still many gossip in the book, fully satisfying your curiosity (glimpse profit). As for the painter, they don’t care if we don’t understand.

  It is said that since 1905 to 1906, Picasso’s sponsored Stai made a picture of 80 times because of his portrait painting, and the master completed the work. Under the expression of three-dimensionalism, the face of the female writer has become a "mask", "unlike", it is shocked.

What is the relationship? Picasso replied: "At the end, she always looks like this painting.

"After decades, the commentary unanimously believed that the paintings were completely" in line with "female writers in the inner temperament. I stared at Picasso’s" Women’s Avatar "in the Vienna Albertina. This is his second wife Jie Kie. A portrait of Lynn, completely seeing "beautiful flowers".

Next to "Women’s Women" series, the model is also considered Jacqueline, with two asymmetrical eyes. In the early years, the paintings of "realistic" style, such as "women who iron clothes", collect in the New York Metropolitan Museum, I have been there many years ago, but I didn’t remember the painting.

  So what? The viewer does not have a slight effect on a picture, see or don’t look, understand or don’t understand, and have nothing to do. Even if there is, "" Use these Chen Yu’s word tools, but it is just their fur "- Art criticist Clark said. As for how to appreciate a picture, David Rio’s suggestion is: Look, I stare at it for a long time.

  This may not use it, but true life, isn’t it to discover the beauty of "useless"? Feng Xuemei December 14, 2021.