Shigati Jiangyan County Office of the Village Tourism Team "Five Messages" Dress Up Country

Shigati Jiangyan County Office of the Village Tourism Team "Five Messages" Dress Up Country

  In recent years, the Village Task Force of Jiangyu County, Shigati City, has helped the Village "Two Committees", insist on strengthening the five initiatives such as promotion, compaction responsibility, and effectively solve the "dirty, chaos, poor, poor", etc. of rural environmental sanitation, and strive to improve Jiangyan County people’s environmental quality, create clean, clean, orderly beautiful new countryside. Strengthen promotion to promote effectiveness.

The village team of Jiangyan County has to create a strong propaganda atmosphere, make full use of rolling playback LED, propaganda column, suspension banner, etc. City and Environmental Health Management Regulations, etc.

At the same time, with the "four-story four love", the education practice activities are carrier, and education will guide the masses to understand the importance of building a beautiful home.

  Visible responsibility grasps. The "Two Committee" teams in the county assisted the Village "two committees" team to set up the environmental remediation work leading group, including environmental health remediation work into daily key tasks, organize one monthly inspection, daily cleaning, implementation of responsibility list, list of tasks, active Organize the people of the farmers and herdsmen to join the villages and cleansees. At the same time, combined with the "four-story four love" mass education practice activities, carry out health assessment and other activities, the monthly assessment score is an important basis for annual selection evaluation. In addition, the relevant environmental health remediation content related to the daily environmental habits of the garbage cleaning and disposal, the daily environmental protection habits of the villagers is added to the village regulations. Carry out garbage governance.

The county’s village cadres organized the "window garbage" "white garbage" "white garbage" "" car window garbage "in the village road, township, national road, public places, small woods, and respective houses. Rectify. In more area of ??garbage, the group of people in front of the merchant is set to set the garbage cast point. Village has issued a trash can to avoid secondary pollution due to improper waste treatment. Further education will guide the masses to change the new wind.

  Perform river rectification net water source.

All the counties in the village team combined with the "Theme Party Day", through the organization of the party group volunteers, the volunteers such as the party group volunteers, etc. Scattered waste paper along the river, plastic bag and other garbage, the body is a good "river long" good assistant, use the actual action to maintain the hill green water in the home. Implement green change. The people in the village team in the county organized the masses to carry out green actions in the jurisdiction, on both sides of the river, on both sides of the village road, sandsticks. On the scene of the tree, the villagers were divided into labor, digging pits, helping trees, filling, and watering.

Since this year, more than 5,40 farmers and herdsmen and the masses have been organized to carry out 25,3050 trees. (Editor: Chang Bangli).