Zhongqing Net Review: Blocking, let swimming training steadily in the safety area

Zhongqing Net Review: Blocking, let swimming training steadily in the safety area

  According to Xinhua News Agency, every summer, children’s swimming training becomes the popular choices of parents and children, and the sports boom of the Tokyo Olympics, this year’s summer children’s swimming training is particularly hot.

Despite the continuous improvement of safety awareness in recent years, there are still many safety hazards in children’s swimming training class, and the coaches are dubious, and teachers and students are too small, and the safety education is lacking, and the lifeguard management is not in place. Swimming is not only good to be healthy, but also an important survival skill. Summer children’s swimming training work is hot, this is a good phenomenon. However, from the reporter’s investigation, the swimming training class has hidden dangers: some swimming pools that promise "10 people", actually two classes to consolidate; some companies hire insufficient coaches, some or even College students in the summer "Qijiao"; there are only one lifeguard in some swimming pools, and some lifeguards have played their mobile phones in the job … all kinds of chaos, let swimming training out of the safety waterway, leaving a heavy hidden danger.

  Safe is greater than the sky, the responsibility is more important than the mountain.

Why do parents want to send children to learn to swim? Not just for safety. However, swimming training for ignoring safety management is tantamount to dancing on the tip, and if you don’t pay attention, you may cause the child to drown, causing the consequences of difficult to save.

For example, last year, a 6-year-old boy who was only 6 years old in Chengdu was in the residential swimming pool, due to the on-site coach and lifeguard failed to find the drowning.

Safety prevents problems, with them afterwards, not as early as possible to manage vulnerabilities, eliminate industry chaos, and ensure that swimming training is running on the legal compliance track. Ending an industrial chaos, inseparable from heavy punch.

In fact, whether it is for swimming training or swimming venues, the conditions and technical requirements of the venue are very stringent in my country’s relevant regulations.

Obviously, the institution is not satisfactory. To solve these problems, you can’t invent supervision. If you improve the maintenance of training institutions, you can’t have a swimming pool to start enrollment; strict employee admission assessment, ensure safety emergency protection; Swimming training in teaching, screaming, stealing the work, so that the security management is shaped. Adolescent swimming training is special, while "blocking" living in supervision vulnerabilities and management vulnerabilities, the relevant departments should also work hard on the word "sparse". Further improve the teaching outline of children’s swimming training, coach pre-job training, etc., let relevant regulations to keep up with the rhythm of children swimming training needs; through scientific management and isolation, create a relatively independent and stable teaching environment for children, avoid adults The risk of swimming with beginners; the primary and secondary schools with conditions can also consider adding swim classes.

  At the same time, parents should also put safely in the first place, reason to choose training institutions for children, do not rush to let children master a skill and invert, ignoring safety premise.

Multi-party efforts to block combination, in order to make children swimming training becomes more perfect, let the children ‘s health and safety are better guaranteed.

(Hu Hui).