Xinjiang Kui City: Returning Student Volunteer Service Team

Xinjiang Kui City: Returning Student Volunteer Service Team

During the winter vacation, Xinjiang Kuo City, Xinjiang Kuo City, Xintan Town, to return to the home practice platform, carry out a series of social practice activities, so that returning college students exercise in the social practice of hometown, contributing to the development of hometown.

On January 8, the Virgin Village, Dunan Town, Kuqiu City ushered in some special volunteers. They were a volunteer team consisting of college students just returned, using their own profession, each other. Volunteer service in the village.

They teach villagers to flow, help villagers learn to learn, promote the villagers, promote the party’s good policy, to play, write, painting, and painting, and help the old people do housework, do something for the elderly. Subi Village, Dunan Town, Kuqiu City, returned to Village, Subby, Returned, Subby, Subby, said: "Now let go of the cold and fake, we will go to the farm book house in the village to make a library administrator, to organize books every day to help the villagers Borrow books, in the place where the villagers don’t understand, we will help them Q & A, can help others, I feel very happy.

"Merva Nichi Ai Bairam is a holiday, I heard that there is a volunteer team in the village, and actively sign up, she takes care of left-behind children every day, accompany them to play, letters, and painting.

"Using the holiday, I will go to the village to do volunteers, with children to play games, writing, painting, they are left behind, parents are going out to work, I hope to pass my companion, let them spend a happy Holiday. "Guiqi Village returned to Village, Dunitan Town, Kuqi City, returned to Merva Ni, Ai Bailan, said. It is understood that the party committee and government of the Duoyan Town of the Kuqiu City, the Government will give full play to the theoretical advantages of returning students. Mobilize students to participate in the volunteer team in the village, combined with their own advantages, carry out a series of volunteer services, and effectively play the importance of volunteers Role, enhance volunteers consciously for hometown, for social services. The vice chairman of the Women’s Federation of Duoyan Town, Coat City, the education cadres, the educational cadres, and the Tumi Town has returned more than 400 students. In order to let them spend a safe, happy, meaningful holiday, The town party committee, the government increases measures, providing a variety of social practice platforms, combined with the special professional specialties of returning students, organizing them to carry out volunteer service activities, patriotic health movements, thanksgiving education tour preaching activities, rich in winter holidays, education returning home Square to party, listen to the party Chinese, go with the party. (Kuqiu Mongolian Media Center) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).