The balcony vegetables are already a new 10 billion market, coriander leeks and pepper tomatoes are "balcony F4"

The balcony vegetables are already a new 10 billion market, coriander leeks and pepper tomatoes are "balcony F4"

China Economic Weekly-Economic Network News (Reporter Sun Bing) The epidemic house has allowed many people to stay more on their balcony.

In fact, the number of new farmers and consumption power of urban new farmers exceeds the imagination of many people. The protagonist of the urban balcony is changing from the favorite bamboo, phoenix flowers, green onions, strawberries, leek, coriander, pepper, small tomato; & hellip; according to the head of the Tmall Taobao flower industry, Lu Zhipeng, On Tmall Taobao, the balcony planting vegetables have now formed a new 10 billion market, covering the whole life cycle of vegetable growth, including fruit and vegetable seeds, flower pots, nutritional soil, fertilizer, gardening tools, binding brackets, etc. After preparing a smart vegetable planting machine, you can open the skills of urban farmers with one click.

Who has planted a billion -scale interest economy on Taobao? According to the "2022 Balcony Planting Report" released by Taobao a few days ago, more than 70 % of the city farmers who love balcony vegetables are currently from first, second and third -tier cities. Among them, Shanghai, Dongguan, Beijing, Suzhou, and Guangzhou are listed on the balcony. The top five of the cities of vegetables are mostly based on post -90s.

In addition, coriander, leeks, peppers, and tomatoes have become the hottest vegetable seeds on Taobao and become the most popular balcony F4.

In the spring of this year, the popularity of planting vegetables on the balcony has risen again.

Data show that in April 2022, the sales of fruit and vegetable seeds, flower pots, nutritional soil, fertilizer, smart vegetable breeding machines, gardening tools, etc. in Taobao Tmall increased by more than 3 times year -on -year.

Of course, the balcony spring plowing on the balcony of the young people also gave birth to new business opportunities. Since Qinhuai opened on Taobao Tmall, it has been new to more than 400 new seeds, and the current annual sales exceeded 2 million.

The Marseed Tmall Flagship Store’s most popular heirloom series was introduced by abroad and sieved and breed with the Domestic Academy of Agricultural Sciences. A pack of tomato blind boxes can grow two or thirty tomato varieties such as sweet millions, Japanese small black pills, super sweet millennium, German Sweetheart, chocolate cherry tomato. The diversity of the balcony is also expressing the character of young people. We also hope to bring you more choices, imaginations and pictures. Qin Huai said. According to Taobao Xiaofezhao, in recent years, the platform has been promoting the transformation of seeds and its surrounding gardening supplies to expand new categories of seeds and utensils. For example, some seeds are mixed with black technology packages, and a combination of seeds can grow into a pot of mixed salads. Many healthy vegetable seeds also appear on Taobao, such as protective cabbage, purple -back sunflower, perilla, and cabbage cabbage.

In terms of soil fertilizer, organic formula planting soil and compost boxes that can become waste into treasure have also become a favorite planning product that has attracted much attention.

At the same time, Taobao also linked merchants to cooperate with foreign gardening companies, domestic agricultural sciences, and professional breeding industry bands. It will be suitable for the seeds and tools of family scenes to grow vegetables and tools to the development of quality and branding.

It is reported that there are more than 20,000 fruit and vegetable seeds currently sold on Taobao Tmall.

From the perspective of Han Yijun, the director of the National Agricultural Market Research Center of China Agricultural University, the balcony planting for new 10 billion markets on Taobao is a new change in agriculture as an industry. The market brings opportunities.

In the future, the balcony planting will continue to develop in the direction of fashion, science and technology, interest, appreciation, acquisition, convenience, operating, and safety. Han Yijun said.

The interested market for agricultural+e -commerce integration has also brought a lot of new space to our breeding work. Diao Weiping, deputy director of the Vegetable Research Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

At present, when planting dwarf tomatoes in the balcony, they are also studying to introduce the tomato genes with better taste in the field into dwarf tomatoes to achieve exchanges between the fields and balcony varieties. Ye Zhao said that Tmall Taobao will continue to introduce vegetable varieties suitable for the family environment in the future, incubate more high -value, practical, and intelligent horticultural supplies, and in one -stop matching for the whole life cycle of urban farmers to grow vegetables, Services and strategies to protect intellectual property rights for the results of breeders at home and abroad. (Copyright belongs to the China Economic Weekly magazine ownership, and any media, websites or individuals shall not reprint, extract, link, repost or use it in other ways without authorization.).