"Bright code" becomes "bright card" to help nucleic acid detection and sampling speed up

"Bright code" becomes "bright card" to help nucleic acid detection and sampling speed up

  Our reporter Lin Jinyan on May 26, Houying Town, Dongchang Prefecture conducted a whole nucleic acid test. At 5 o’clock in the morning, the staff came to the Zhanglou Community in Houying Town early to test the point. The residents lined up neatly and in an orderly manner, waiting for nucleic acid detection to sample. Look, this is the identity registration card sent by the community! 54 -year -old Ji Chunxiang raised the card in front of her chest and showed reporters.

The colorful card is about 10 cm long, with Ji Chunxiang’s identity information and QR code, and a lanyard. Ji Chunxiang is the resident of Zhanglou Community. After a while, it was her turn to sample. She raised her registration card and brushed it in front of the code scanner. She only listened to the drip and completed her identity. Ah, under the guidance of the sampling staff, Ji Chunxiang opened his mouth and completed the sampling of nucleic acid detection. Zhanglou Community belongs to the Xincheng Community of Houying Town and is a relocation community. There are 6 buildings in the community, with more than 500 residents, mostly the elderly.

Gao Guoliang, secretary of the Xincheng Community, said that some of the elderly mobile phones have no WeChat function and cannot collect personal information smoothly, resulting in low sampling efficiency. Gao Guoliang said that the staff thought about many ways for this.

They have tried to apply for and print the QR code in batches, but the printed QR code is prone to damage and loss.

Recently, after the staff collected the Villagers’ personal information to print the QR code, they cut them into paper sheets that were appropriate size, put them in plastic cards, and paired with lane rope.

When the nucleic acid test is performed, the villagers only need to show the card in their hands to scan the staff. Gao Guoliang said. Gao Guoliang said that such a two -dimensional code will not only be damaged, but also improves the sampling efficiency of nucleic acid detection. Taking the Zhanglou Community as an example, the 500 -person nucleic acid detection sampling is completed in less than 2 hours.

[Editor in charge: Guo Yanna].