"Into Tencent – Netrain2022 new product feet and Tengxun’s motion partners sign" successfully held!

"Into Tencent – Netrain2022 new product feet and Tengxun’s motion partners sign" successfully held!

On the afternoon of December 13th, I walked into Tencent Netrain for 2012, the new product, the TT, Santon, the syndicate symbol, the signing ceremony was held in the Shenzhen Tencent Binhai Building, the founder of Natere, CEO, Tencent Health Wisdom Medical Solution, Deputy Director, Li Shao Wei, etc. Attending activities, Chairman of Medical Directors, Dai Wang Wei, Sanjun Medical CEO Wang Wei, Excellent Deputy General Manager Liu Jingteng, etc. also shared around Internet medical and large health industry.

▲ Participation experts visited Tencent Health and NTRAIN signed a cooperative intent book at the meeting, and both parties will revisit further cooperation around smart medical, cloud and big data, and artificial intelligence, and jointly explore new Internet medical and digital health. Path, new mode, promote industry integration and innovation. ▲ Netrain new product launch conference, all departments since 2015, have been extended to nearly 100 Internet hospitals, the top design is getting more and more clear, and the implementation path is clearer. Actively promote the opening of Internet + medical health services and landing specifications.

Currently, digitization has been upgraded to the national strategic level, and today experts gather together to exchange discussions on relevant topics in Tencent Binhai Building.

▲ Tencent Health Smart Medical Expert Solution Architect Song Chunling Tencent Health Wisdom Medical Expert Solution Architect Song Chunling first expressed sincere welcoming partners from NTRAIN, in subsequent speech: in C2B double Under the implementation of the wheel drive strategy, Tencent will go to the user, with the Tencent health applet as a carrier, through public health services such as the entity public hospital, vaccination, and the authoritative medical science, for the personal users to provide line-in-line service for personal users Platform, also works together to create a new ecology together. ▲ How does NTRAIN founder and CEO Trouse combine digitally with traditional medical applications? These problems have caused the industry’s deep thinking.

Mr. Netrain, CEO, CEO, CEO, is answered questions, and said that accelerating medical digital transformation is not only the needs of medical digital construction, but also strengthening corporate performance, improving the needs of enterprises to external capacity radiation.

As a leader in the construction of Internet hospitals, NTRI will continue to intensify, constantly attack hard, break through the card neck technology. After the two leaders speaking, they witnessed the experts at the scene, 2022 NTRN new products were officially released. Since its establishment in 2019, Netrain has been adhering to the concept of thousands of companies, health billions. The future will continue to strengthen scientific research and investment, continue to grind the products, provide better service models and more professional Technical support.

▲ NTRAIN innovation strategy Chen Hongyu, Chen Hongyu, Director, Netrain, interpretation of Netrain interpretation of Natere’s iterative upgrade, and said that as policies are becoming more and more strict, competition is increasingly The industry is constantly moving, and in the future, under the major trend of specialist Internet hospitals, it is necessary to deepen development to create a professional value. NTRAIN will fully use its own advantages, carry the Internet technology and medical services. Discovery and fusion of depth.

▲ Netrain Senior Product Director Zhou Pei Tetrain has established a variety of Internet medical products, which also provides customers with a variety of intelligent medical services solutions, at the meeting, Natere Netrain Senior Products Director Zhou Peipei A detailed introduction to the NTRN Internet Hospital system has also mentioned that the NTR team has rich experience in Internet medical operations and can assist in the company’s follow-up to operate.

▲ Netrain Senior Products Director Zhou Jiahao officially launched in the Chengdu R & D center in the Chengdu R & D center in the Chengdu R & D center, and Zhou Jiahao, a new SaaS cluster. New business model will pay attention to the accumulation of learning, transform internal results and strength to practice to customer creation value.

▲ Tencent Qianfan expert solution architect Zheng Xiaoyu has also been fortunate to invite several related experts to share.

Through Tencent Thousand Sailing Solution Architects, Zheng Xiaofei shared, learned Tencent Thousands of sails as Tencent’s Saas ecosystem, through enterprise application connectors, help SaaS applications to connect customers and connect Tencent ecology, forming a real ecological architecture, Effectively provide the best and most complete SaaS service for thousands of people.

▲ Tencent Safety Advanced Solutions Architecture Master Tian Wei Tengxun Safety Advanced Solution Structure Teacher Tian Wei is pointed to the cloud era. Medical information security construction points out that medical system is vigorously promoting information construction, this is an inevitable, also a medical behavior such as remote diagnosis and treatment. Essential conditions.

However, while accelerating the pace of information interconnection, information security must be placed first.

▲ Tencent Health Expert Product Manager Zhao Jingteng Health Expert Product Manager Zhao Jing brings Tencent Health Medical Self-research SaaS Product Introduction (Intelligent Team, Intelligent Advisory) Effective Feeling Tencent Health Medical Ai Products Multi-Scene Application, truly reduce doctors repeatability, improve medical diagnosis and treatment, and optimize medical institution intelligent levels.

▲ Tencent Health Tong Nitru Ecology Partner Signing Currently, with the continuous deepening of China’s Internet, Internet medical has become a powerful engine that promotes the transformation of pharmaceutical companies. At the Tencent Health Wisdom Medical Solution, Deputy Director Li Shawei, Natere Netrain, CEO, Mr. Qu Yi, Tencent Health Tong Niti officially became an ecological partner.

This signature can foresee that both sides will work better for the enterprise in large healthy industries, contribute their own strength, and support more responsibility and the responsibility and responsibility for comprehensive promotion of medical digital transformation upgrades into the new motivation.

▲ Board of Chair of Guangdong Meditation Technology Co., Ltd., I was fortunate to the chairman of Guangdong Medical Civil Technology Co., Ltd., and he pointed out the Internet hospital, Internet + slow disease management, Internet + pension, internet + The four core main business of the nursing, will build more Internet hospitals with Natere, promote WeChat payment in Foshan, Chengdu, Tianjin and other places to operate more Internet hospital medical insurance online payment capabilities, use technology The patient is easier to see a doctor, and the medical grading diagnosis and treatment is more landing. ▲ Sanjun Medical CEO Wang Wei also China’s most authoritative tumor heart disease education platform Sanjun Medical CEO Wang Wei also said that Sanjun Medical will continue to provide high-end custom medical support services, providing Internet hospitals to provide domestic and foreign KOL core experts recommended, medical continues Education, academic promotion support, HCP academic influence, patient communication and education, research topic guidance and other content. ▲ Liu Jingteng, Vice General Manager of Excellence, Liu Jingteng, held content sharing at the meeting on data technology to prevent medical care and insurance technology. In the last agenda of the meeting, Guangdong Meditcut Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xueli Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haozhuo Data Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., the leaders of Beijing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. sequentially goes to Beijing Natery Technology Co., Ltd., To further cooperate around Internet slow disease management, private production of drug companies, private products, etc. The new growth point of the industry is agreed and the cooperation agreement is signed. ▲ Guangdong Medical Co., Ltd. (Chairnestead) Nateuri cooperation signed ▲ Shanghai Qi Zhuo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (CEO Wang Wei) Nateuri cooperation Sign ▲ Shanghai Haozhuo Data Service Co., Ltd. (Deputy General Manager Liu Jingteng) Natere cooperation signed ▲ Beijing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (CEO Shao Qing) Natere-cooperation signed ▲ Natery new product launching guest photo photo sharing and exchange, experts and partner representatives shared valuable work results . In the future, Natere will adhere to the initial heart, fully upgraded in the product power, innovation, and service, always implemented thousands of enterprises, health hundreds of millions of people.

This event thanked all guests to come: Beijing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Shao Qing, Project Director Wu Rui, President of Wakayong Technology Group, President, President, Pearl, Yizi (Xiamen) Medical Management Co., Ltd. Medical Manager, Guangdong South Li Hui, vice president of core medical technology Co., Ltd., COO Deng Shizhou, Guangdong Laohang Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. Li Hui, Guangdong Tianzhu Tuan Dynasty, Guangdong Province General Manager Wu Si Yang, Huang Bizhang, Business Director of Medical Services, Henan Zhang Zhongjing Dafa Co., Ltd., Director of New Retail E-commerce Division Manager Liu Jingteng, Director of the Channel Cooperation, Zhang Xuetao, Shanghai Shan Zhuo Medical Technology Co., Ltd., CEO, COO, COO Zhang Qi, Shenzhen Zhonglian Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Commercial Care Director Chapter Red, Shenzhen Xiaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Chen Fei, CTO Chen Fuqiang, Tian Joe, the Chairman of the Chairman of the Group, a vice president of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Culture Research Association, China Pharmaceutical Culture Research Association.

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