Where can I buy reserves? What is the difference between reserve frozen pork and fresh pork?

Where can I buy reserves? What is the difference between reserve frozen pork and fresh pork?

Frozen pork refers to the pre-cooled acid and freezing, and then storage below -18 ° C after being slaughtered by the live pig. Normal pork (fresh pork) refers to the hot meat that slaughtered in the early morning, the morning market, and the pork that is not treated without any cooling treatment. There is not much difference in nutritional value. The editor has compiled the difference between reserve frozen pork and fresh pork. What are the differences between reserve frozen pork and fresh pork: What kind of meat is the reserved meat, and it is not much different from the zombie meat and fresh meat. Reserve meat is not a zombie, zombie meat is not strictly defined, which refers to those meat that has been put for a long time. Reserve meat refers to meat products that are used in response to major natural disasters, public health events, animal epidemics, or other emergencies that have caused abnormal market fluctuations and market regulation. Reserve meat includes two parts: one is the living bells (including living pigs, living beef, and living sheep), and the other is the frozen meat (including frozen pork, frozen beef, frozen mutton).

In terms of nutritional value, the nutrition of the reserve meat is not much different from fresh meat, and you can eat it with confidence.

After all, it is used for national strategic reserves. If there is really a problem, there is no need to reserve. It was found that the 10,000 -ton frozen pork planning instructions were found that the shelf life of different products was different, but the shelf life of most products was 2 years and 360 days.

Question 2: Where can I buy reserve meat supermarkets and markets! Experts believe that after reserve meat is put into the market, it can be bought in some supermarkets and markets.

If you find that some meat is cheap when you buy it, it may be the reserves. In fact, in addition to the national reserves, there are also reserves in the local area.

Combing and found that many cities have set up special reserve meat sales points. For example, starting from September 14, a group of government -reserved cheap pork in Zhejiang Province began to be launched in many supermarkets in Hangzhou, and the price was at least 30 % cheaper than the price of pork in the vegetable market. From September 12, Jinan has two batches in the city in the city. 44 commercial outlets were put in 1,500 tons of frozen pork.

Question three: Is the reserves reluctant to be relieved? Will it not be enough to eat the reserves and have a considerable scale, and the conditions to ensure important holiday consumption. It is understood that the collection and storage work began earlier this year is effective.

Yue Xiuhu, director of the Price Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the current frozen pork reserves have a considerable scale, capable and capable of ensuring important holidays and consumption peak -time residents’ pork consumption. Label:.